12 Essential Tips For Wearing Flat Ankle Boots

The footwear is a woman’s outfit that can further highlight the style that she wants to project along with the garments that she wears, jewellery, hairstyle, and makeup. Boots sometimes can be the protagonist of the whole outfit. Flat ankle boots or flats for working professionals can be worn almost any time of the year.

When we alter from one season of the year to another, especially from cold to heat or vice versa, in our closet, it happens that we put some clothes or shoes on hand and forget others. For this fall, something that surely ALL women will be wearing are flat ankle boots or chic flats for working professionals that instantly enhance any outfit.

The art of looking chic in flat ankle boots

Flat ankle boots are beautiful accessories depending on the style you like the most or how best you feel comfortable. Flat ankle boots are versatile and valuable footwear when you want to look active and avant-garde and, for any situation that arises. They look great with dresses, jeans and leggings as long as you don’t overkill your outfit.

So, if you don’t have the slightest idea of ​​how to wear the flat ankle boots in the next few days, we share some recommendations to inspire you and get them out of the closet.

12 Tips for Flat Ankle Boots

1. Choose the right heel

Flat ankle boots help you create a more elegant outfit. The wedge ones are more versatile and excellent for an urban and casual style. One of the trends in ankle boots are those with a square or wide heel. This type of heels is more stable and comfortable than the stiletto heel.

2. Buy them a little bigger

When buying flat ankle boots, please choose a half size larger. Tight ankle boots can be even more uncomfortable than a pair of stilettos. Take advantage of this space advantage and insert insoles to give them the maximum possible comfort.

Choosing them one size larger will help you feel comfortable when you wear socks. Be careful not to show them when wearing your booties. Instead of wearing ordinary socks. You can wear footie socks to keep your ankles bare, and you won’t have any more problems.

3. Choose neutral colors

Black and brown flat ankle boots combine more easily with all your clothes.

4. Wear them with jeans

Wearing flat ankle boots with jeans is always a great success. You can raise the hem of your jeans 2 fingers and expose a little skin is the chicest way to wear your ankle boots.

The ideal jean model to wear ankle boots are skinny ones. A good outfit is skinny jeans, a loose shirt, and ankle boots. Make sure your jeans aren’t a wide leg, as you’ll end up with a sloppy look that you probably don’t want to show off. Don’t tuck baggy pants or jeans into your booties either; they don’t look good at all!

A tip if you are a woman of short stature, choose same tone flats for working professionals for legs to look longer.

5. Choose waterproof flat ankle boots.

This will prevent the rain from ruining them, and you will be able to walk on the puddles without fear of damaging them.

6. Wear flat ankle boots with an evening look

Pick up a pair of sexy flat ankle boots. Black suede is usually a good material, but not so much during wet weather.

7. Choose patent leather flat ankle boots to look sophisticated

Patent leather flats for working professionals are ideal to combine with dress pants and go to the office. You will look very fashionable!

Do not combine colored ankle boots with socks

Especially if flat ankle boots are black, since opaque colors only make your legs appear shorter and shorter.

8. For a casual style

If you are going to attend a casual meeting, the best option is Chelsea boots. These flat ankle boots are perfect to wear with jeans or skirts. And they are ideal for all types of climates: rainy, hot or cold.

9. Let flat ankle boots be the protagonists

Wear wacky or animal print flat ankle boots with shorts and neutral colors to make them look 100%. Make sure the top of the booties is wider, if it’s thin, your legs will look shorter.

10. Leggings are your best ally

It is generally best to wear leggings that are black in color. Add loose tops to make your legs look longer.

11. During winter wear flat ankle boots with thick sweaters

Brown flat ankle boots with a cream or ivory sweater and jeans are the perfect winter look.

12. Use flat ankle boots instead of flats

For casual and daily wear, choose flat ankle boots. These tend to be more comfortable for work, study or play and project an everyday look. Since this may be a “starter” shoe for you, you could opt for a neutral color, like brown or black, to match just about anything.