FixMy10 solve various problems in Windows 10 and 8 with one click

FixMy10 is a portable program that with one click allows you to repair various common problems of Windows 10 and 8. FixMy10 is a small free portable program with which you can solve several common problems that may affect the Windows 10 and 8 operating system .


Problems that the user can repair by following appropriate instructions, but which can be solved with a single click of the mouse, letting FixMy10 do the job. Low severity problems such as file associations no longer configured, problems with the Explorer, with the internet connection, with some system tools and so on.


Easy to use, requires no installation and once started it will present itself with a graphical interface divided into four tabs. Let’s see them more specifically.



  1. Home shows the hardware information of the computer (CPU, RAM, OS and motherboard) and provides the tool to create a system restore point , the SFC tool (System File Checker) to repair damaged system files, and the DSIM tool to correct any Windows errors.
  2. File Associations Fixerallows, with a click, to restore file associations that are no longer configured, perhaps following a malware infection; for example it is possible to restore the associations for exe, img, msi, txt, bat, msu, iso and so on for microsoft support.
  3. Restriction Fixer allows you to solve Windows problems that prevent access to system folders; these problems will first be identified by performing a scan by clicking the ” Scan ” button , and once these restrictions have been identified it will be possible to try to remove them by clicking the ” Remove Restriction ” button.
  4. Advanced lists a series of problems that can be solved with a click of the mouse on the respective “Fix” button. These problems are divided into the three categories Desktop & File Explorer , Internet & Connection , System where solutions such as can be found: the Recycle Bin icon is not displayed on the Desktop, the explorer.exe process is not automatically followed, the file previews they do not appear in the Explorer, restore the Windows host file, renew the DNS cache, reset the TCP / IP protocol, reset Winsck, the Windows search does not work, the system restore does not work and so on.



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