Reasons for Error Establishing Database Connection and Methods for Solutions

There are times when users receive Error establishing a database connection in the WordPress website. It seems very critical, but the good thing is that it is not permanent. The database connection failure issue is easy to solve. 

Let us first understand the WordPress Error establishing a database connection.

WordPress utilizes two programming applications to offer users exciting features that are MYSQL and PHP. 

MYSQL is a database application, and WordPress employs it to save website content, website settings, pages, the setting of colours font, site title, widget layout, etc. In short, MYSQL is the main centre of the website where complete big or small information saved. PHP is a programming application often used in creating codes in WordPress and another website. 

 PHP utilizes control to set connection with MYSQL database, bring information, and flaunt on the screen. This Error arrives when PHP fails to connect with the database to retrieve the data. WordPress is unable to tackle this Error; hence the Error establishing database connection hits WordPress.

Reasons for the database connection failure 

 Numerous causes can lead to bringing this Error. The following reasons are listed. 

·        The traffic of the website is too high, which causes connection failure in the database.

·        The corrupted database is also one of the reasons 

·        Wrong login credentials can cause the database connection failure

·        The core WordPress file is faulty, that cause failed to update in themes, plugins and other updated in the website

·        When your web server is down, then this might appear the Error.  

Actions to take for eliminating Error establishing a database connection issue  

Ensure that plugins and themes are not faulty  

Often users search that themes and plugins become defected due to accidentally update.

Some time user updates plugins and themes accidentally, and all plugins and themes get corrupted. There might be a chance to edit the core file will be one of the reasons to get corrupt. You need to remove all plugins first. You can do this in two ways. 

First, you can log in to your WordPress Admin and go to the option plugins or search for installed plugins. After that, tap on each plugin and deactivate them one by one. 

The second way is to log in to your FTP account or CPanel admin and see for the WP-Content folder. Go to the WP-Content folder and change the name plugins folder into a new name such as plugins_old. Now reload the site and see if the Error has gone or not.

For theme, go to the Admin dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Themes. Now click the deactivate option to disable theme. User can delete only those themes which are already activated in the website. 

In the FTP manager, go to the wp-content/themes folder and delete themes that are currently active in the site. Refresh your website and see that if the Error has been fixed or persist.  


Get back to the default WordPress file. 

Before talking about the WordPress core file, it is highly recommended to activatethe WordPress error log on the website. With the help of the error log, one can see the Error coming on the website and solve them accordingly.

Now, if we talk about core files, then often they get defected for unknown reasons. Someone may try to hack your site and alter the file setting deliberately. In this case, you receive a database connection error. The best thing to get rid of this issue is to re-upload the WordPress core files. You can do it by downloading a new copy of the WordPress from the recognized hosting provider and replace it through Filezilla. Upload the data to the server and then check the website status. 

 Check if the database has not defected. 

 When your database has defected, then it can cause the database connection error. If you want to repair the database, login to FTP, navigate to the root folder, and search wp-config.php file. Open file in the text editor and place an additional line at the finish of this file and upload it to the server. Navigate to the path “ wp-admin/main/repair.php. The path will redirect you to repair the database window. Click on the repair option to begin repairing the database. After the database complete repair process and check the problem flush out or exists.

 Consult your Host provider 

If all the above steps are not enough to fix the database connection error, then the defect can be persisted on your web server. Now you can communicate with your web host and ask them about the problem. The hosting provider will make you aware of the status of the server. The web host provider will come out with the best accurate solution if the Error comes because of the server issue. Even when you are receiving WordPress HTTP error when uploading images, then you must consult with your host provider.