How to fix the unable to work error of Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes is a reliable security program and is available on various plans. The user can easily choose a required Malwarebytes plan for his device. This program has a bit of a different interface as the user can make the changes easily.

You can enable/disable the tools which allow you to use another security program with Malwarebytes. The program is robust but it still shows errors sometimes. While using Malwarebytes, it may stop working. 

Reasons behind Malwarebytes is not working error:

  1. Your Malwarebytes setup is incompatible
  2. Another security program is interrupting Malwarebytes 
  3. System junk file is corrupting Malwarebytes scan
  4. Invalid changes on the computer
  5. Some system files get corrupted
  6. Missing Malwarebytes program files

Resolving Malwarebytes not working error:

Check for Malwarebytes update

Whenever the Malwarebytes program shows an error message, you should check for the latest update. Your Malwarebytes can stop working when the setup is outdated. New malware appears but your program can’t find it on the virus chart which can get the program into error.

You have to install the latest update of your antivirus as it will provide the new virus chart. After updating your antivirus, you can scan the device without any error.

Repair the system files

Some users face errors with Malwarebytes when the system files are not working. These files get corrupted very easily and then other programs start showing errors. The user has to fix the files to Malwarebytes unable to connect the service fix. But users can’t repair those files easily. Without professional help, don’t edit the files; it may cause other harm to the device.

These files can be repaired using the file checker tool. It is an inbuilt program that can inspect the system files which are corrupted and then repair them manually. Users can find the tool by running the SFC/scannow command. Run the tool to fix the files. Once the program repairs the system files, you should go to the computer and then run the Malwarebytes. 

Check the other antivirus 

When you are using another antivirus with Malwarebytes then getting errors is very common. Error appearing because some of its tools are conflicting with Malwarebytes. It occurs when a user is accessing the same service on both programs. After installing another security program, check its features. Now open your Malwarebytes and disable those tools from the dashboard. But when the user didn’t make the changes and run the same program then it will show errors.

Open the program and make the changes accordingly. To prevent the error, you can also remove another program. You won’t get the conflict issues when you use only the Malwarebytes program on the system.

Undo changes on the system

The user gets a Malwarebytes error after making changes to the program. This issue appears when the user has made a few changes that are restricting your security program. To prevent this error, you should go to the computer and then undo the invalid changes. Go to the same page and revert them. Once you revert those changes, Malwarebytes will start working.

In case you don’t remember the changes on the computer, run the Windows Restore tool. Enter the point to restore and then follow the steps. When you revert the changes, your Malwarebytes will start working and you can scan the system.

Transfer Malwarebytes on the compatible setup

The premium Malwarebytes subscription can be transferred to another device. Sometimes, if a user doesn’t need the program on one device then he can easily transfer the subscription. When Malwarebytes is not working on a new device then check the platform. Users can transfer Malwarebytes set up on the same platform only.

When you have set it up for Windows then transfer it to Windows only. If you need the program for another platform then get a new subscription. For multiple devices, Malwarebytes offers a multi-license setup that can be installed on the platform independently.

Remove junk from the computer

When the computer has accumulated lots of junk, Malwarebytes can show errors while scanning. The error appears as some of the junk files are interrupting Malwarebytes. These files are easy to detect but can show errors sometimes. Users should remove those files to work on the system reliably. Junk can also affect the device’s performance.

For removing all junk files at once, run Windows cleanmgr. The tool will run and show the junk files. Select the files to remove and then run your Malwarebytes.