Guidelines to fix the printer scanning issue

New printer models provide various other services to the user. You can use your printer device for scanning purposes. These multifunctional printers are a bit costly but then you don’t have to spend money on other devices. But sometimes users get errors when they are trying to scan with their printer device. The scanning issues appear when the settings are invalid. You have to check the printer and then fix the related error. 

Common issues behind printer scanning issues

  1. The printer is in offline mode
  2. Your driver is not working
  3. The firewall is interrupting the scanning process
  4. The invalid IP address of your printer
  5. Malware in interrupting the scanning process

Resolving printer scanning issues

Use correct steps for scanning documents

Sometimes people get scanning errors when they are using invalid steps. You need to use the valid steps for scanning the document.

  1. Go to the printer and load the document on the scanner tray
  2. On PC, go to All Apps and tap on Windows Accessories
  3. Choose Windows Fax and Scan
  4. Tap on the New Scan option
  5. On the wizard, check the scanning options
  6. Hit on the Scan button

You will get the scanned image on the desktop. Now save the document on the device easily.

Run the printer troubleshooter

When the printer is not scanning your documents and showing errors then check the printer-related files. Detecting the error and repairing the printer-related files is difficult. To repair those files, you can run the printer troubleshooter. When using a Windows device, open the system and then go to Update and Security. Now check the troubleshooter tab and click on Printers. Run the tool and it will start searching for printer files related errors. The tool will fix the printer files and then your device will start scanning the documents.

Restart the printer

Sometimes, printers stop scanning due to the runtime error. The scanner service gets into the issue and the device starts showing an error. To fix the runtime error, users can try printer restart. Users should go for a power restart which can start all the functions. Once you restart the printer, take your document and try to scan it. 

Check the printer connection

When the Brother printer not scanning your documents, check for the connection. When the printer is connected to the PC, you have to check its cable. Replace the damaged cable from the printer immediately. Use a working cable on the printer and then check for scanning. When the user has connected his printer to the network, he needs to check the WPS. Restart the WPS pin for connection. Now start searching the networks and connect the printer to your network. After connection, set the printer to scanning mode and try to get your scan.

Check the scanner driver

The printer gets into scanning issues when the driver is not working. Without the correct scanner driver, your printer won’t scan any documents. Go to the PC and open the driver tool. Run its update and then try to scan the document. 

Inspect the IP of your printer

When the scanning is not working, check its IP address. Go to the printer and then take its network configuration printout. Now you can check all the information regarding the network. On the printer, click on Menu and then select the Print Reports button. Click on Network Config and hit OK. Tap on Black Start and hit Stop. Now take the configuration repair and check the address. If it shows then you have to wait for some time and then try to use the scanning service. 

Set the IP on the printer driver

The user faces issues when the IP on the printer driver is invalid. You have to check the driver and set the IP. Open the Devices and Printers tab and select the View Scanners and Cameras option. Hit on Scanner and go to properties. On UAC, tap on Continue and enter the password. Open the Network settings tab and select the machine by address option. Provide the IP address of the network and then press the OK button. Again try to scan the document from your printer.

Inspect the firewall on the PC

Sometimes the firewall also prevents scanning. While scanning, if the firewall is on then disable it. Go to the security page and disable the firewall temporarily. Now again try scanning the documents. Once you take the scan, go to the settings page. Restart the firewall and then resume the work.