Fix Installation Problems with Version 16.0.1 of McAfee Total Protection

A computer device without an antivirus solution is just like a treasure without any protection making it vulnerable to stealing. With McAfee Total Protection, you can provide your device with an effective and strong antivirus solution that can save your device from getting hacked. Not only has this, but the additional features of the software also allowed you to give the overall protection a device with crucial information needs.

There are many users who are switching from other McAfee software to the Total Protection. But, sometimes they face problems while downloading version 16.0.1 of the product. Because of several issues, the installation “freezes” during an over install. The victims of this issue are mainly the Windows users and because of it, your systems might stop responding or respond slower than usual. You can secure your network by deploying McAfee Antivirus that can be installed via

Problems while downloading McAfee products

In this list, you will find the root cause behind the occurrence of installation errors, so that you can recheck and retry to download the software after troubleshooting the main problem.

• You are unable to access to complete the login process.
• Your Windows PC has certainly recognized an older version of the security product that you have forgotten to remove before installing the new one.
• The installer has prompted you to restart the PC which you forgot to do.
• Your system might have stopped during the last stage of the installation becoming a cause of the problem during the installation of the Virus Scan components.

How to fix installation problems with McAfee Total Protection?

Although McAfee has not come up with any solution to fix this problem yet, however, there still is a way out of this problem. To get rid of this issue, the only solution is to force shut down a PC on which you are trying to install the software. If you do not know the steps to force shut down a laptop or a PC on which the installation of certain software has frozen, then you may follow the steps given below:

1. Locate the power button, press I and then hold it for about 5 seconds.
2. Now, you have to wait for at least 20 or more seconds.
3. After this, press the power button again to power on the PC.
4. Once you restart your Windows PC, the installation process will resume.
5. If it does not resume automatically, you can try to resume the installation manually by visiting and downloading your subscription from there.


If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you may try to factory reset the device. Although the factory resetting a device is not recommended, but they can still try it if other methods do not help. When you factory reset a device, all the cache, history, settings, and other junk files from the failed installation gets deleted. After this, you can try to reinstall McAfee Total Protection. For more assistance, you can contact and the experts so that they can fix the installation issues on your behalf.


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