Why Earning More Will Never Be A Fix Cure To Financial Instability?

For a large number of people, financial instability is one of the biggest reasons for stress in their life. Well, it is quite relatable given the current lifestyle that people have adapted where they are facing a lot of challenges in dealing with their expenses.

There could be numerous factors why you are not going well along with your finance, such as:


  • Lack of proper budgeting
  • Too much spending
  • Meeting sudden expenses
  • Past debts

But, the majority of people have a mindset or belief that lower-income is the root cause of their financial suffering. Well, this is not entirely true. Indeed, money plays a crucial role in determining your financial independence. But, in the end, it is not the money you earn that counts, but the money you spend matters the most.

Know why higher income will not solve your financial problems

Getting a good increment or going for a higher package salary will not solve all the money-related issues of your life. It is the very habit of your or the lifestyle if you want to blame it that has made you stand in such situations.

There are several ways or better strategies that you can implement to attain financial stability in your life. Here, we will be discussing those ways one by one in this blog. So, let us get us started.


  • Work on you financial pressure points

The first thing that you need to do is recognise all the pressure points that are the reasons behind your financial failures. Thus, you must understand all the aspects and work on it to improve your weakness. This could be anything like you might be:


  • Indulging yourself in endless shopping habits
  • Not saving for your retirement
  • Delaying in making the payment of bills
  • Not watching your credit score

Thus, you don’t need to work on these stress points that are pulling you down and affecting your financial stability drastically.


  • Make the precise use of your income

Another important quality that you must have to stay financially stable in life is the effective use of your salary. One main reason that people face money problems in their life is that they are unable to manage their expenses with their income.

Adopt a frugal lifestyle as it will encourage you to be cautious with your money and your spending habits will be improved over time. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will have to sacrifice with your living standard or cut down on your basic necessities. But, you must spend your money only on stuff when there is a genuine need.


  • A Financial assessment is necessary

It is essential to keep checking your financial situation from time to time so that you can get a clear idea where you are standing right now. This way, you will not be in confusion or do guesswork to measure your financial capability.

To do this, setting out a proper budget is necessary; as with it, you will have every minute details of the money coming in and going out of your pocket. The ideal approach would be to set a monthly budget. But, if you are struggling a lot with your finance, then setting out a weekly budget could also be done.


  • Learn to control your desires

We all have passions that make us end up buying n number of things in life. That’s a human tendency but overdoing it inevitably harms your finance. If you are a shopping addict who can’t resist the tempting offer you come to see at different stores or a tech nerd who likes to keep his room full of new gadgets and tools. Then, it’s time that you take this seriously and work on your impulse buying nature.

Here are specific tips that you can follow to get rid of your impulse buying habit:


  • Come up with one solid reason why you exactly need it before purchasing
  • Go for shopping only when needed
  • Don’t subscribe to too many shoppers and e-commerce websites
  • Have limited cash with you and avoid using credit card


  • Avoid procrastination with bills

Yes, your priority should always be saved as much as possible to ensure that you have a good backup. But, at the same time, you must take care of your liabilities too. Never delay your bills like utilities, rent, electricity and others as it can take a heavy toll on your credit report.

Try to get rid of debt as early as possible as the longer you will delay; the more will be the interest you will pay.  For instance, if you are making only the minimum payment of the long term loans with bad credit that you owe, then try to improve the monthly instalment amount. You could reduce the size of the savings from the initial period and focus on clearing your debt first.guest blog news

By far, it would be best if you have understood why higher income alone doesn’t guarantee financial stability in life. Yes, it can be one of the factors leading to it, but there are several other things that you have to keep in mind which we have already discussed.