Fix AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem

Why is my aol mail not receiving emails-
As per my knowledge, you may unable to receive the emails on your aol account due to the few common causes.
Senders have been blocked by you.
  • Filter Issue (the most common reason behind unable to receive emails on aol mail).
  • Problem From aol mail server side (it happens rarely.)
  • Communication Gap between server and client.
  • forwarding issue.
So these are some basic reasons behind AOL mail not receiving emails problem. Now let me take you to the solution for this problem.
How To Fix AOL Mail Not Receiving Email Problem-
Email are going to the spam or other folders (filter issue)-
most of the users don’t have aol mail not receive emails technically. they are always getting emails from their well wishers.
  • But those email does not come to the inbox or chosen folder directly. they goes to the another folders like- trash, spam etc.
  • aol mail not receiving emails, unable to receive emails on aol mail
  • while users doesn’t check those folders and they keep looking the solution for aol mail not receiving emails.
  • This happens, when users create a filter into there email. and they do not describe well, where the emails should be landing.
  • So when you go through unable to receiving mail on aol using phone or pc. you should check the email filter settings first.
  • Be sure, there is no filter available. if there is any filter exist. you need to go ahead and remove it immediately.
To delete the email filter, you can use the steps given below.
  • Get into your account account.
  • Click on the email settings icon (presented on the top right side corner).
  • Choose email filter settings from right hand side corner.
  • Check if there is any filter (If you find any one), Select them and click on delete.
  • Exit from settings, and send a test mail to yourself.
  • AOL Mail not receiving emails because you might have blocked the sender
  • another big reason behind unable to receive an email on aol account is: you might have blocked the senders by mistake.
That’s why whenever they are sending any emails. they aren’t coming to you.
So if you haven’t found anything wrong with email filter. you should check the block list this time.
To check the block list, you need to go to the Settings on your aol mail >> click on the spam settings >> now if you see your love ones email address on senders spam settings. just remove it from there.
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Server Is not Responding Or Unable to Communicate With aol mail server (If aol mail not receiving emails on phone)-
When you configure your account into the phone or any third party application. It requires valid server address, and connection authentication to keep it syncing with the aol mail server. aol mail not receiving emails, unable to receive emails on aol mail
If you make any kind of mistake in typing the server address or password for your account.
you won’t be authorize to communicate with aol mail server. due to that, you might be going through aol mail not receiving emails problem.
So when you aren’t able to receive emails on your aol using the smartphone or any third party application on your pc.
You should remove the account from it and reconfigure it with the below information.
Server address-
Port no- 993
authentication type- SSL
Outgoing server address-
Port NO- 25
Authentication type- SSL/TLS
May be your emails are being forwarded to another address that’s why you are unable to receive an email –
If you have enabled the email forwarding into your account. that means you will not receive any single emails on your account.they will be directly going to the chosen one email address.
Also, sometimes, they do not get delivered there as well and gives the return error message to the users. the error message could be any one of the following-
  • Could not found mail server.
  • Outgoing server SMTP error (mailbox couldn’t be found)
  • Invalid receiver details.
  • If your senders are receiving similar to these error messages. it means you have enabled the email forwarding into your account. which you have to disable immediately.
To disable the forwarding follow the steps given below:
  • Login your aol account and go to settings.
  • Click on email forwarding and delete the forwarding email address.
  • Now Click on ok.
  • So these are the reasons behind aol mail not receiving emails problem. if you will check them carefully. I am sure your email will start working fine.