Five Things You Should Check Before Hiring A Professional Office Cleaning Service

There’s no denial in saying that appearance plays a crucial role in every business. Visitors or customers should be impressed when they pay a visit to a company. So, one should invest in keeping their business premises clean and tidy. However, cleaning an office or a business premise is a pretty daunting and time-consuming task. It requires the right set of equipment, time, experience, and patience to keep these areas clean and tidy on a daily basis. A lot of people ignore the significance of cleanliness and lose out to their competitors. But clean and tidy business premises don’t only stimulate good health of the employees but also attract several business opportunities. People can make a great impression on their clients while having a neatly cleaned office. It shows that the company cares for its employees. Besides, it motivates people to work in a productive manner. 

On the contrary, an unkempt office atmosphere negatively impacts employee’s lives. As a result, they experience a deterioration of their health and productivity in the long run. Businesses face downfall due to the lack of productivity from their employees. After all, employees are the key to the success of any business. So, to avoid all these from happening in a workplace, one should take professional assistance from an office cleaning service. However, there are a few things one must check before hiring a professional office cleaning service. Let’s take a look at the following: 

  • Check their Review & Ratings

One of the useful tips to hire a cleaning service is to check their online reviews and ratings. It’s pretty easy these days to check the online reviews and ratings of almost any business if they’re available online. Therefore, people should conduct thorough research on the web while looking for office cleaning services. Generally, reputable service providers list their client’s testimonials on their websites along with the ratings so that prospects can check. Apart from that, there are some major sites like Google, yelp, where one can find these reviews and ratings of any business and evaluate the quality of their services. 

  1. Check the Insurance & Licenses 

When it comes to commercial office cleaning, it’s essential to hire an insured and licensed cleaning agency or company. What are the insurance policies and licenses that a commercial cleaning service should have? Like any other business, commercial cleaning companies need to have a business permit and license, and they should employ highly trained cleaners. Furthermore, general liability insurance, property insurance, janitorial bonds, and workers’ compensation insurance keep new cleaning agencies safe from liabilities.

Sometimes the cleaning process leads to physical injuries and furniture damages. In this case, if anyone has hired an uninsured cleaning company, then they will not be responsible for the damage caused. This is the reason why it’s important to check whether the cleaning services have valid insurance and licenses. The insurance will cover all the damages caused while cleaning the business premises. So, a business can claim their losses later on. Meanwhile, the licenses hold the proof that the cleaning company is certified for the services they’re providing. Since there are a lot of cleaning companies operating everywhere, it becomes pretty tough to differentiate between the professionals and scammers. So, a lot of businesses have previously suffered due to not conducting enough research and not checking the licenses and insurances. Every reputable cleaning service will showcase all their documents at the time of consultation. So, one must check their validity prior to hiring them.

  • Check the Standard of Equipment

Research shows that germs spread rapidly at workplaces. So, without having the ideal equipment, a professional can’t guarantee satisfactory results. One of the best advantages of hiring a professional cleaning service is that the cleaners use professional-grade equipment. But, one should check the age of this equipment and the standard of this equipment so that they can have satisfactory results. Sometimes, the cleaners ask their clients to bring their own equipment. But it can be pretty expensive because one has to bear the expenses of both hiring a professional and buying the equipment. Rather one should opt for a company where the cleaners use professional-grade equipment and hold a strong track record for cleaning the major business premises. 

  • Evaluate their Employee Screening Process

Any reputable cleaning service will recruit its employees after a stringent screening process. After all, people need to make sure whether the cleaners will cause any damage to the business’s reputation and property or not. So, the reputable services check the criminal background, experience, skill, and adaptability of their employees before recruiting them as professional cleaners of any reputable company. Some of the cleaning companies conduct personality tests, drug tests to avoid any potential danger in the future. One must enquire whether the cleaning services have a strong screening process or not to ensure the utmost satisfaction output. 

When it comes to becoming a commercial cleaner, there are no minimum educational requirements involved. Some candidates increase their job prospects by getting certified through the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) or International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA). In addition, new hires receive on-the-job training from experienced employees on equipment operation, safety measures, and proper cleaning techniques.

  • Check their Customer Service 

Only a few people consider the customer service of any cleaning company as it seems to have the least importance. People think that the task is completed once the cleaning is done. But, customer service plays a crucial role in the long run. A professional and reputable company will always provide good customer service to help their clients resolve all their queries. So, these are the few things one must check before hiring a professional cleaning company to ensure satisfactory results. 

You need to challenge the customer service of the professional office cleaning agency by trying to contact them via phone call. Ask the customer services staff some challenging questions, such as their contingency procedures in case of cleaning accident or emergency. Find out how the staff answer questions and their escalation process if the frontline customer service personnel don’t have the information. 


You can now hire a professional office cleaning company confidently with the five things you need to check, as mentioned above. Don’t overlook or neglect these things to ensure you hire a reputable, experienced, and legitimate commercial cleaning company. Choose a professional cleaning service that can live up to your cleaning needs and requirements and your customers’ expectations too.