Five Things to Remember When Writing Your First Bid for an Online Tender

Tenders are a sure short way for a company to enhance its profile. If awarded and completed successfully, it can translate into a long-term contract, and your company might even be hired as their permanent partner. But for new businesses looking for the first tender, this process can be a difficult one. Applying for Cape Town tenders online is a good opportunity for new businesses in the Cape Town area to win their first tenders. When writing the first bid of an online tender, the following things should be remembered at all times:

  1. Read the Complete Tender:

When writing for a tender, be it your first or one of many, always read the tender’s complete details. People might read the initial details and start writing a bid only to find out in later stages that the main part of the tender is beyond their reach. Read all the details, tender specifications, costs, manpower if necessary, time limit, bonuses, locations, in short, everything related to it. Your bid might get accepted but if something comes up later on, it will not be good reading for your company.

  1. Include Company Profile:

This is the most important thing to write in your bids. A company profile is a window into your operations that normally would not be visible. Always discuss your company in detail, all the past and present projects, your company’s missions and goals, and references if possible. The information should be as accurate as possible and should not contradict the truth. Remember overstating your company’s achievements and successes will award you the tender but cause embarrassment at later stages.

  1. Costs:

Another massive point to remember is costing of the entire project. Before writing for a bid, ask your accountant to make a financial projection of the complete project. Include all the costs, including daily wages and administrative expenses, and then calculate the profit. If the budget is favorable and the profits are good, then start writing your bid. If your company cannot afford the project or some part of it, always write about it rather than getting stuck in the middle of the project with no money.

  1. Research:

Do a little research beforehand about the company or organization awarding the tender. This should be an important task while writing your bid; you will have an idea about the company’s priorities. Besides, it shows the company your willingness and interest in working with them. Try and write about their company, standing in the market, and its successes. This will also help you understand the company’s nature and the type of work they are expecting.

  1. Follow Instructions:

Nearly all types of tenders come with some form of instructions; while writing your bids, always follow these instructions. Never try and be smart, especially if it’s your first bid for a tender. Applications that don’t follow the tender instructions might not be entertained since these guys have to go through thousands of applications per day. Several software are also used to sort through hundreds of applications.┬á


Winning first tenders for any business is always important as it signals some form of success. The above pointers are important but are not limited to only these. The first bid will always be the most important one and that is why extra effort should be put in when drafting it.

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