Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go For DIY To Make Fake ID


As a teen, we all felt the urge while staring at our sibling’s lacing sneakers to hit the club: what would happen if I could replace his names and other details in is ID card to mine? Wouldn’t that be a great idea? Surely, the club bouncers wouldn’t have a clue. Or you had been out of college, and you wish you could get the discount you once got as a student. We get it; everybody gets broke sometimes. A Fake ID can be a lifesaver. However, you will need the service of a professional rather than doing it yourself.


Being a DIY enthusiastic is excellent for saving money. With online platforms like YouTube and Google, we all have an endless resource of DIY tutorials on how to do almost everything. From installing a vinyl fence to repairing the toilet flush, you can figure out how to get the job done within minutes.


However, there are some specific things that you shouldn’t consider a DIY guide. Doing so can be a waste of time, money and energy. One of such things is making a Fake ID. Here are some reasons why doing a Fake ID is a bad idea.


1. You might use the wrong software

The majority of people don’t have the right software lying on the laptop. Some think making a badass fake ID card is to use any photo editing Software out there. Not using the right software will lead a dull fake ID card that will be too easy to notice with a mere glance. A professional Fake ID demands the needed software to make a good fake ID card.


2. You probably won’t be able to scan the signature perfectly

When making a fake-id, signature matters a lot. As a DIY, you may lack a high-end scanner that will help you scan the signature correctly. If the signature on your fake ID card is blurry, no one would believe it that’s why you need the service of pro.


3. You might find it hard to input a barcode

If you want to make a fake driver license to impress a girl and you probably haven’t stepped on a pedal once, a barcode must be added. A barcode contains the information on the front of the license. Editing a barcode and encoding your data is not easy. That’s why you should consider getting in touch with a fake ID service.


4. You probably won’t know how to apply a hologram

If you want your fake identity to look authentic, then you need to use a hologram. Most ID cards are designed with a shield and key hologram that look transparent when directly looked at but look like a rainbow spectrum when tilted to the sides. Replicating this kind on hologram on your Fake ID card is an impossible task for a beginner.


5. You won’t get the results you want

Even if you’re so good with photo shop and you know what you’re doing if you’renot a pro, you may end up with a horrible fake ID card. The reason why you need a fake ID card is to impress or to prank your friends. You must make your fake ID card realistic to do so. Like when you show your friends, they will be amazed, but if you try and do it yourself, the result will be horrible because you don’t have the skills and knowledge about it. It takes a lot of training and experience to make a proper fake ID. Fake ID makers are creative and have a keen eye for details. And even if you get the best software or watch a DIY video about making a fake ID, again and again, you still won’t have the knowledge and experience to make a great fake ID.


You probably need to save yourself the hassle

Making a fake ID card is no child’s play. Rather than wasting your money on buying a stencil paper, hiring a laminator, downloading photo editing software, it is best you purchase fake ID from a reputable fake ID company. Worried about the price? Their services are very affordable.


Do you need a Fake ID card?

Do you have a concert coming up in your city and you want to increase your ID card age? Let Fake-id service get it done for you. Your best bet for a proper fake ID: Find a reputable service such as service is the best you will ever find on the internet. A super friendly website, quick delivery system and always available customer service; you will come back more. DIY-ing your fake ID card will only end in a terrible result — or make you cry when you are denied entrance to the concert.


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