Five Reasons Why Red Flowers are Considered Romantic

As we all know, red is a symbol of passion and deep love. People always give red roses bouquet for expressing their love feelings to someone special because the red rose is an epitome of love and romance. Shakespeare also talks about red rose in his classic Romeo and Juliet. Even many other writers also write about the meaning and symbol of red roses in their writings. Nowadays, people send red roses to their loved ones to express their love. You can also find the elegant arrangements of flowers at the online store. You can choose anyone according to your desire and send rose online to your lover with your personal touch. Here we are some reasons why the red rose is considered the most romantic flower.

Based on History:

Greek and Roman Mythology:   

To know the reason why the red rose is a symbol of love and romance, we start to find out about it in western culture. In ancient times people thought that the goddess of love created red roses; that’s why they are signs of love. On the other hand, many believe that her tears and her lover Adoni’s blood-drenched the earth from where red roses grew. That is how red roses became a symbol of love lasting until death.

According to Roman Mythology, wealthy Romans use the red rose to associate love and charm. Some people love to pamper their bodies with a bath filled with roses to get soft skin. And some other people filled red roses in their bedrooms because of the pleasant smell and appearance. Another factor why red roses are a symbol of love is because some Christians believe that red roses are the virtue of the Virgin Mary. For that reason, it became a sign of passionate love and romance.

Eastern Culture Belief:

In the Eastern cultural people’s belief, that red Rose is a sign of love and affection. According to the Hindus, their goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and success and also the wife of Vishnu, was created using small Red Rose petals and 108 large Roses. Since then, the Hindus have been associated with romance and love for Red Roses. If you want to give a surprise gift to your dear ones on their special day, then you can send flowers online  to express your care and love.

Victorian belief:

People of Victorians give an essential place of flower in their life. They use blooms to express their love feelings towards someone special. They give flowers as gifts on valentine’s day and all occasions. They were deeply affected by the language of flowers, especially with romance and love. Because of their traditional beliefs, Roses were used to expressing emotions and feelings. Red Roses represent the feeling of a passionate and intimate kind of love.

Modern Symbol:

Nowadays, people use red roses to express their love feeling and care. Red roses not only show the love feelings but also represent the feeling of care and respect. People use a bouquet of red roses when they are dating each other to express their emotions, especially love and romance. You can also deliver flowers online in different shapes, colors, and designs for conveying the message of love. You can also give a beautiful bouquet online to your mom on her birthday by ordering flowers online.

Meaning of Different Colors of Roses:

Yellow Rose:

This flower is a symbol of friendship and joy. Yellow color has been closely associated with the sun, and these flowers are perfect for cheer people up. Yellow roses also convey the message of appreciation and love and represent the feeling of joy and delight.

Dark Pink:

The pink color is a symbol of grace and elegance, as well as romance. Dark pink roses also represent the feeling of gratitude and appreciation, and the best way to say thanks. So, if you want to get the same-day flower delivery, then you can order flowers online and get the flowers on the same day.

White Rose:

The white rose symbolizes purity, true love, and innocence. The white rose is also a traditional wedding flower. In this sense, white represents unity, virtue, and the pureness of new love. White roses are also connected with honor and respect, which makes them an appropriate memorial for a departed loved one.