Five Reasons to Build Your Own Hackintosh

If you haven’t heard of them yet or if you are curious, a hackintosh is a type of computer that you build to have the power of an iOS system housed in a different type of computer.  You get to pick the parts, the specs, and all for a fraction of the cost!

How did the hackintosh even happen? With the prices of Apple products skyrocketing and more and more people wanting a better computer that fits their needs as well as design preferences, the hackintosh came into being. 

It was a response to the overpriced designs of Apple products.  Products that weren’t always tailored to what people needed or wanted: the lack of customization and not having the specs desired for different projects led to the hackintosh.  Are you ready to dive into the reasons why you should consider building a hackintosh?

Let’s begin!

1. Affordability

Don’t freak out here – you aren’t going to have to drop thousands of dollars in order to get yourself a hackintosh.  The biggest thing is that you can’t buy a hackintosh without hitting tons of red tape as well as possibly facing consequences from Apple due to licensing issues.  However, the loophole is that legally, you can use a hackintosh for your own private use.  

What does this mean in regard to affordability?

As long as you do your research, take time learning how to put together the computer, and find supplies that fit what you want to do with your computer, you can save a lot of money.  Instead of spending thousands on one computer that isn’t completely what you want, you may spend a thousand dollars or less on making a computer that fits your every need.  

2. Better Graphics

Whether or not you are a huge Windows fan, it’s hard to deny the graphics capabilities of an iOS/Mac system.  Crystal clear with great storage qualities that decrease the amount of space images take up, quick responses, and an almost HD appearance are hard to beat.  

So why even try?

Instead of reinventing the wheel, a hackintosh allows you to pick the pieces of the Apple system that you want.  You get the graphics card and the main system that can run the card. From there, you have to find the hardware that will support the operating system and the graphics card.  A great way to read up on what works is to check out this buyer’s guide from TonyMac.

3. Control 

While it may seem obvious, it hasn’t been outright stated: you get to control what goes into your computer and how your computer is going to work.  There will be plenty of options out there in the computer world: this can be overwhelming!

In order to best control how your PC build is going to go, you have to take the time to learn about the individual components, what hardware is needed to reduce bugs and update issues, and so on.

Yes, this is definitely a lot to handle.  Many people have to deal with update issues and even having several bugs that have to be worked out of the computer.  Control is honestly a double edged sword when it comes to a hackintosh … however, they are definitely worth the hype.  

Have you looked at the buyer’s guide? Whether or not you have, you’ll want to take a look at this hackintosh motherboard guide on what kinds of motherboards work best for a hackintosh before you start planning your design!

4. Learning Experience

From beginners to advanced hobbyists, PC building is a labor of love with a pretty big learning curve for the newbies.  Unfortunately, this deters a lot of people from taking a learning journey to figure out how to make something on their own.

PC design and PC building are hobbies that are no longer just for gamers or artists: they are for everyone!  The learning experience that you will have from this venture will help you not only understand what you are using and making, but it will also help you understand more of the technologies that surround us daily.  

Don’t let the difficulty deter you: instead, take this experience one step at a time and enjoy working on your own computer.

5. Customization

As it was said earlier, customization is where the hackintosh really hits a homerun.  No longer do you have to have the same colors as everyone else, something without pizazz or life, or anything unique.

There are so many different ways to customize your computer.  RGB lights, fans, mini characters, and so much more are great ways to turn your hackintosh into a one-of-a-kind representation of yourself and your aesthetic.


Building a hackintosh is a great way to start learning about computers and how they work.  It will take longer to build if you don’t have any previous knowledge of computers, but that is half of the fun.  If you want to challenge yourself to build your perfect computer with a great operating system, then you should start building a hackintosh today!

Michael Caine

Michael Caine is the Owner of Amir Articles and also the founder of ANO Digital (Most Powerful Online Content Creator Company), from the USA, studied MBA in 2012, love to play games and write content in different categories.