Five Practical Ways to Enhance Energy Efficiency of Your House

With each passing year, our planet is witnessing a lesser number and amount of energy resources. And to aggravate the problems is the increasing rate of electricity consumption. So, it becomes the onus of every human to utilize those existing wisely and leave enough for the generations ahead.

Anyone can contribute by kicking start efforts towards making the right utility decisions and becoming more aware of where the energy is being wasted and how can it be manoeuvred effectively throughout the house. One should make arrangements for preventing the heated air escape out/in and look after heating, air conditioning, and lighting aspects.

Here are some tips to help your home be more energy efficient –

  1. Assess Your Current Numbers

The very first step to reduce your energy use is finding out how much you are using it. You can hire a local energy auditor and even use online tools to inspect your home, take note of your lifestyle, track your home’s energy usage in real-time, and suggest a list of personalized recommendations. You can also use smart applications to show you the energy usage and an estimate of the monthly bill. That way you can quick-correct yourself when you see yourself overusing.

  • Fix Your AC and Heating Systems

An inefficient HVAC system is the biggest culprit behind increasing levels of energy usage in homes. With time, these types of machinery wear out and deteriorate in performance. And, if you are not giving it the repair and servicing, you may keep facing uncomfortable temperatures. The house may not be cool enough during summers or cosy in winters, and you have to deal with high utility bills. So, detect any such troubles before time, resort to frequent servicing and replace the entire system if needed.

  • Replace Your Incandescent Bulbs

It has been only a few years that people realized the advantages of LED technology and started incorporating it in their homes and offices.  LEDs have proven to be significant times better than traditional lighting fixtures and even CFLs and halogens. Residential LEDs, especially ENERGY STAR rated products, have shown to use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times more.

  • Unplug Your Appliances and Electronics

Cell phones, laptops, and other kitchen appliances left plugged in when not in use act as energy vampires. They keep consuming energy (though lesser than when in use) and impacting your energy consumption. Don’t think it is just minuscule; collectively, energy vampires can increase the utility bill by ten percent. So, it is advised to unplug them and do your bit to the environment, if not for your home.

  • Rethink Your Drafty Windows and Doors

It is possible that the falling energy efficiency of your home is due to the worn-out condition of windows and doors. Windows, doors, and skylights make up an essential home’s envelope so, you must assess their existing condition. If the need arises, invest in windows and front doors that are more energy-efficient and enhance the comfort of your home.