Five Meditation Apps To Find Your Breath And Ease Your Mind

These days, finding an ounce of peace can go a long way. There are various meditation apps out there for work and for your self-care and well-being. Here are five apps that are unique, and useful to help get you into a meditation groove.


The Buddhify Meditation App helps you learn how to meditate on your own. And from wherever you are. By creating customized meditations in various scenarios, such as while walking, in a seated position, etc, you can track your progress while learning how to create your own meditations without a guide. There are solo meditations and there are some for groups, so you can also meditate with a friend.  You can find kid meditation’s too. Buddhify has something for everyone and it is a great training tool for you to create your very own meditation practice. The annual membership fee is 30.00 USD.


Calm App

The Calm App offers unique ways to create a zen environment, for your mind, your visual and audio senses. From guided meditations to sounds of nature to calming music and sounds to dream you to sleep, the Calm App offers something for everyone. There are team building options for businesses and plenty of bedtime storybook meditations for kids too. A free version is available for download which offers some meditation and scenes. And the upgraded version gives you access to the full library. Try the free one week trial then consider the annual upgrade for 69.99 USD a year.



Headspace for those feeling like a head case? You heard me. Headspace goes deep into your habits, and thoughts, showing you where you are setting yourself up for failure. Unraveling negative thoughts and lifestyle habits to improve your sleep, reduce your anxiety and help you focus throughout your day. Great for business team building and personal self-care too. The founder, Andy Puddicombe’s backstory makes the app even more alluring. So let’s start there. In his early twenties, Andy cut his Sports Science degree short to become a Buddhist monk. And for over 10 years, his meditation training took him across the world to Nepal, India, Burma, Thailand, Australia, and Russia. Oh and guess what? He was ordained at a Tibetan monastery in the Indian Himalayas. So there is that. You can download the app for free. Start the trial and consider the annual fee of 69.99 USD/12.99.00 USD a month.


Ten Percent Happier

Think you can be ten percent happier?  Anchor Dan Harris had a panic attack on live television spurring him to create a stress relief mental toolkit. He found it in the form of meditation. Read the book and listen to his podcast. The app features world-renowned meditation teachers. With each teacher approaching meditation differently, so you can learn various methods and techniques to find what works best for you. There is a seven-day free trial and the 99.00 USD annual membership offers over three hundred and fifty meditations, coaching, sleep meditations, and more.



Live streaming group meditation classes are at your fingertips with the Unplug App. This app focuses on short bursts of stress management. From motivational quotes to short zen inspiring videos to help you find your center and clear your mind. The Unplug app wants to help you calm down, sleep better and make your day the best it can be, in the quickest way possible. They even have a five minutes and under library! You can download the Unplug app for free. The seven-day trial will help you decide if is the right app for you. The annual fee is 69.99 USD a year/12.99 USD a month.



Self-care and self soothe tactics such as meditation will help you manage the toughest of times to clear your head for the best of times. Take the time to meditate, and remember to breathe.