Five Latest Web Development Trends to Follow in 2022 & Beyond

The world of web development is continuously evolving with each passing year. It has made it difficult for companies to survive in the rapidly-growing digital market. Therefore, businesses need to keep pace with the latest web development trends to remain in the competition for long. 

It’s especially true if you want to be at the top with a powerful web product. However, determining the right trends for your particular business is the biggest challenge corporations face today. 

In this blog, we introduce the web development trends of 2022 that every Web Development Company India must follow to become successful. 

List of Web Development Trends

1. Dark Mode – The dark mode experience has received immense popularity in this era and is going to ascend higher with its visual design pattern. The research says, nearly 95% of people prefer dark mode on their mobile phones over light mode. Tech juggernauts like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple, and Reddit have already embraced dark modes into their software products, and many leading companies are in line to partner with this trending technology.

Some applications have made it optional for the users – they can switch between dark and light mode through a toggle icon visible on the screen, in the settings. The dark mode is a colour scheme. It uses light-coloured text on a darker background to minimise eye strain during the night or in the dark. Most importantly, dark mode saves the battery life of the device. 

Benefits of Dark Mode:- 

  • Less battery consumption
  • Reduced eye strain
  • Legible & accessible to all
  • Minimised blue-light

2. AI-powered Chatbots – In 2022, artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are contemplated to become even suaver in meeting the requirements and behaviour of users by leveraging natural language processing, machine learning, and information retrieval techniques. Apart from assisting businesses in carrying out faster operations using text or voice chats, AI-enabled chatbots also enhance the user experience. They can answer frequently asked questions, gather data, and resolve other problems, thereby offering visitors a flawless digital experience with the company.

Moreover, it can efficiently handle complex procedures and is prompt in assisting clients. Microsoft Bot framework, DialogueFlow and Facebook Bot engine technologies are utilised to develop these bots. 

Benefits of AI-enabled Chatbots:-

  • Personalization 
  • 24*7 accessibility 
  • Increased customer engagement

Several established brands like Sephora, Pizzahut, and Starbucks have integrated AI-powered chatbots to deliver a more personalised user experience. 

3. Voice Search Optimization – Voice search technology has brought extensive advancement in the world of technology by bridging the gap between technology and people. Voice searches are developed to provide quicker and more precise results than text searches. Web Speech API with speech recognition and speech synthesis elements can optimise voice search technology in any software product. 

However, voice-activated speakers have already marked their position in offices and households with their rising demand. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance, Google Home, and Siri are a few prominent names in this category. 

Benefits of Voice Search Technology

  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Faster access to website information
  • Hassle-free experience 
  • Multitasking 

Looking at the growing popularity of voice search, the fact that this feature will soon dominate the market and enhance the business value is undeniable. 

4. Internet of Things – IoT is a system of interconnected computing devices, digital and mechanical machines, people, objects, or animals having a unique identifier (UID) and the ability to transmit data over a network. Here, human involvement is not necessary. 

For example, cars have built-in sensors to alert the owner or the driver when the tyres are underinflated. 

Additionally, customers can access any real-time information through IoT, whether it’s about a specific location, facts or figures. Internet of Things is in operation everywhere and delivering top-class performance in every area, including logistics, food & beverages and manufacturing industries. 

Wearable health monitors, Biometric cybersecurity scanners, Connected appliances, Autonomous farming equipment, Smart home security systems, and Wireless inventory tracks are some common examples of the Internet of Things. 

Benefits of IoT:- 

  • Mobility 
  • Better customer experience
  • Predictive design to predict the future consumer behaviour
  • Increased productivity and efficiency

5. Progressive Web Apps – PWAs have been in the market for quite some time because of their app-like browsing experience. They are accessible through any search engine or device. These apps are lightweight and offer quicker access to web pages. React, Polymer, Vue and Angular are some of the JavaScript frameworks that develop Progressive Web Apps. 

Benefits of PWAs:-

  • Offline accessibility and low data usage
  • Easy to deploy
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Low development and maintenance cost

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