Five Incredible Ideas For Floor Painting

The first thing that gets noticed when you enter a place is the floor. Even if you have decorated the house well, a drab floor gives it an unattractive appearance. However, tearing apart the floor and constructing it from scratch is both expensive and hectic while living in the same place. 

So, what can be done about a drab floor? Are you stuck with it for life? The good news is that you can paint your house floors. Yes, you heard it right. Just like house painting gives your house a new look, similarly, floor painting can add that missing color to your home. 

If you want to save money, you can do it by yourself too. However, if you hire professional commercial painters Auckland, they will deliver more sophisticated work. There are multitudes of ideas available online too. Here is a post to help you with some amazing ideas of floor painting. 

5 Floor Painting Ideas That You Make You Go Wow

Everyone wants to give their home a different look. Some like it being classy, while others want a more aesthetic look. There are several ways to do so. One of which is decorating it accordingly. However, another method is by reinventing the floor. 

  1. Delusion Of Water

The delusion of water floor painting will for sure give your house a both aesthetic and posh look. This is most commonly present in hotels, bunglows, and other such posh places. As the name suggests, the delusion of water floor painting gives a delusion of water to the floor and makes one feel like they have water underneath their feet. 

Further, it is lined with an anti slippery coating to prevent one from slipping on it. Though smooth, it is not slippery at all. To add more beauty to it, you can use different shades of water blue. An idea is to go divide the floor into segments and use different shades of sea blue to give it a watery appeal. If done perfectly, the delusion of the water floor makes one feel as if they are walking on water. 

Some people also like to paint just a part of the floor with this pattern. In turn, it actually feels like water spilled at that point. An advice is to use vibrant shades of blue to make it look more real. 

  1. Stenciled Wood Floors

The stenciled wood floor has painted wooden panels as you would assume. But, this is not it. These painted wooden panels are patterned and have branded markings on them. This floor painting gives both vintage and classic look to your floor. 

To give it a dramatic effect, there is etched branding on it. Many professional painters also make use of different shades of black and brown to make it look more astounding. Moreover, the faded patterns give it more of an industrial feel. Apart from having markings and etching, you can draw patterns on it too. Many people go with the circular, traditional patterns using light colors to give it more vibrant feels. 

If you already have wooden floors, you can add an extra effect to that by using stenciled art. Even if your wooden panels are faded and old, the professional painters will turn it into an aesthetic floor making use of its faded pattern. Either way, it is a win-win solution for you. 

  1. Gray Floors

The gray floors are hands down the most trendy ones. Besides giving your home a luxurious look, they are easy to clean too. They are plain gray and white in shade. In most cases, the base is painted white with random gray patterns painted at different points. This two shaded hue gives a comfortable look. 

Another advantage of gray floors is that these will go well with any type of furniture. Moreover, whether you have a room full of furniture or one with minimal furnishings, the gray floor will complement it perfectly well on all levels. The gray floors also make the place look more spacious and lively. If you have a small space, it is recommended to go with lighter hues of gray to give your space a more airy look. 

  1. Black Floors

Black is such a color which will work in every situation. From dressing to flooring, the use of black certainly gives a dramatic look. If the right shade is used which is a little matte and a little glossy, you can get the most elegant floor. 

It is not just about the color, you can add further creativity to black floors by use of stencil art or drawing of patterns that make it look more plushy. Moreover, you can contrast it with any color and it will deliver the perfect vibrancy. This will certainly give you a show stopper floor. Black floors are generally recommended for entryways to deliver a chic impression. 

To give the vibe of a bigger space, you can pair the black floors with neutral colored walls. This gives the place a very artistic appearance. 

  1. Traditional Painted Floors

The use of vibrant colors alone is enough to give your place an animated look. If you want to give your house floors a very different makeover, you can always go with traditional designs. The designs on rugs can be painted on the floor and the use of lively colors will deliver a very sparkling look. In most cases, circular patterns are preferred which are quite detailed to give your place the vivacious look. 

Moreover, if you want a rug but are sick of its cleaning, you can paint a rug at that point instead of using it. These look certainly good and do not have the problems of cleaning. 

Final Thoughts

Housekeeping is an art. Whether you agree or not, the atmosphere of your house is determined by the colors of walls and floors. The use of a vibrant and animated floor will leave a classy impression on the visitors. 

Floor painting not only saves you a lot of money as compared to reconstructing the floor but also adds to the beauty. There are no limits to it and you can go wild with your imagination and creativity. 

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