Five Important Things to Remember When Leading a Team

“Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand,” said Colin Powell, first African-American Secretary of State. Colin Powell was an American politician, diplomat and retired four-star general who served as the 65th United States Secretary of State from 2001 to 2005.

When you have the privilege and responsibility of leading a team, you should remember how to lead for better success. You also need to be careful when stepping in to lead a team that your steps and decision are moving in a positive or a negative reaction to the team. While leading a team you probably have grand ideas of all the things, you’re going to change to make the team’s performance to another level. For leading a team their different skills that will help you to be a better leader, along with some tips on how to develop each of these skills to lead a team with all responsibilities.

Being Self-Aware:

A leader needs to be self-aware while leading a team because this is the most important skill to build and being self-aware, and it’s the one that is recommended to build first. Without understanding yourself, you can’t improve yourself and can’t be aware of what happens in your surroundings. Keep track of things to optimize your habits and your strengths, practice mindfulness to be strong to lead a team. You can take time to note things throughout the day, that will help you train yourself to be more self-aware in your surroundings.

You should have concentration on your goals:

Today competition among businesses is like a marathon race and every business is competing with each other to make themselves better and stronger than others. You should concentrate on your goals to become a good leader; you have to be very focused on your goals to make your organization achieve its goals. There will always be distractions and personal problems, difficulties in the path of becoming a successful leader. If you know how to prioritize the most important tasks and face difficulties you can lead effective leadership in leading your team and department.

You are the example that your team follows:

Being an effective leader and leading a team is more than telling your team what to do and what to focused on. A good leader needs to walk through all problems as well as talking the talk and you need to embody the values that you are instilling in your team. If an effective leader finds yourself prone to flights of anger, it’s natural that the rest of your team are less inclined to keep their emotions in check. It’s both a blessing and a curse but leaders have the power to influence their team in their every activity and make them comfortable at the workplace.

Influence matters more:

When you are an effective leader of your team, you can influence them directly by interacting with them regularly and configuring out new plans with them. As you move up in the organization, you create a positive image in an organization and your influence level has greater reach and leverage, so it becomes more important and matters to influence your team accordingly.

Effective leaders build a climate of trust:

The number one priority for a leader when stepping in as a new to lead a team then you have to first build trust with your team. If you don’t establish trust in your team member for you it is not possible to lead a team and will face many problems in leading your team. You only get one chance to make a first impression with your team and to prove to them you are capable of leading a team effectively.

Dr. Vivek Cheba is the owner of Red Deer Orthodontics, grew up in Calgary, and is very successful with his team and office management role. Vivek Cheba is also passionate about supporting the community, as well as topics unrelated to dentistry and orthodontics.