Five Good Reasons to Hire a Chandler Criminal Lawyer When Facing Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you must know the various reasons you must have a good defense attorney on your side. A criminal conviction can lead to many negative consequences on both your personal and professional life, so you want to avoid it as much as possible. Here’s why you need a Chandler criminal lawyer when facing a criminal charge:

You Need to Act Quickly

After being arrested for a criminal charge, you want to act right away to build a strong defense. The prosecutors will begin to collect evidence against you immediately. To be able to negotiate the charge with them, you must start with the process as soon as possible. But you should have a skilled lawyer handling the negotiation for you. Your attorney can effectively negotiate to reduce or even eliminate the charges you are facing.

You Must Approach Your Defense Professionally

When you deal with a criminal charge, you need a professional approach to overcome the challenge and meet the issue head-on. For example, you may have to mediate with the accuser. In this case, your lawyer’s professional approach can be of great help. You must contact the accuser by yourself. You need to allow a legal professional to handle things for you.

You Need to Understand Your Legal Options

When being charged with a criminal offense, you need to know what your legal options are. Your criminal defense attorney can offer you such options and give you advice on the steps you must take. Your lawyer will take action themselves while keeping your best interest in mind.

You Must Answer Questions with a Lawyer

If you want to be questioned by police, investigators, or prosecutors, you must only answer questions with a lawyer present. This way, your attorney can advise you on how you should answer those questions. Without a lawyer, you could end up giving statements that can be used against you. In fact, you could end up incriminating yourself during this questioning.

A Lawyer Can Help You Make a Plea Bargain

Usually, parties in criminal cases resolve their cases before they go to trial. Attorneys of both sides negotiate a plea bargain. In this case, you agree to plead guilty to face a lesser charge or reduced punishment. Prosecutors may offer a plea agreement first, then your attorney can negotiate a better deal. If both parties cannot reach a reasonable plea agreement, your attorney can fight for you in court.