Five Enterprise SEO strategies and tactics that work for your company

Enterprise SEO is a technique of improving the search engine ranking of an Enterprise website which includes hundreds of web pages by using the enterprise SEO tool. Examples of websites that require Enterprise SEO are large e-commerce websites, the business having multiple locations, etc. While SEO basics remain the same at the enterprise level, the thing that has changed is scale. Therefore, you must use an enterprise SEO platform to manage large data sets that your strategy requires.

But with the introduction of machine learning and the advancement of algorithms, SEO has become tricky. So, how do you become successful in SEO nowadays? How can you improve the ranking of your enterprise website?

We have compiled some SEO strategies that work for your enterprise websites and improve their ranking to answer these questions.

Choose Voice SEO: Nowadays, with the evolution of voice technology, the need to introduce voice SEO in your enterprise website also increases.

Most mobile users use voice technology to search for something online. But in mobile phone search, only top pages are provided to the users rather than full search pages available on computers. So, if you want to attract more traffic to your website, enterprises need to stay at the top of the search.

The number of companies that use voice SEO is increasing day by day. However, if you also want to adopt voice SEO for your enterprise website, your content should match the conversational way people ask questions to their voice assistants. 

Strike distance keywords: Striking Distance Keywords are an easy way to increase clicks from Google in minimum time. By striking these keywords, you can instantly find the best opportunities by providing better visibility, increasing traffic and conversions.

The main advantage of this strategy it gives better results while taking very little time. It also gives you the opportunity to optimize the meta, the addition of links, etc.

Snippet Optimization: Featured snippets are the short text such as paragraph, tables, steps, or list that appears at the top of Google’s search. In Google’s index, its data is taken automatically from your web pages. The position of the featured snippet box is referred to as zero, which comes before position one on the Google search page.

The easiest way to occupy this position is by making your content valuable by bringing quality and relevance. Keep your section concise and ensure that your sections answer what, why, whom, who, which, when, and how. You can also provide photos and videos to attract more traffic as people love to learn visually.

Most of the featured snippets are from pages that are already ranked in the top ten SERPs. So, if you are already on the first page, you are required to format the data in the right way for featured snippets.

Structure Data: If you are using Structured Data, Google will understand your website better. It is a standard form to provide information about your web page.

Structured Data needs to be in a proper format, just like any other programming language. So it uses different syntax like JSON-LD and Microdata and different sets of vocabularies like and

It improves CTR (click-through rate) and accelerates traffic by making your web page’s data more appealing. If your website is enterprise and uses Accelerated Mobile Pages, include structured data on AMP and normal pages.

E-A-T approach: 

EAT means Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. If you want the best results, then follow this approach. It is used to assess content, web pages, and websites. It is more important for websites and web pages that publish YMYL (your money, your life) content.

E-A-T is how Google tries to ensure that it returns accurate, truthful, useful information to searchers. So, if you follow this approach, your website is at the top of google search. But there is no shortcut to pursue Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

To achieve rank on page one is getting difficult day by day as algorithms become smarter. But don’t lose hope; maybe now you are not on the first page. But if you will follow the above strategies, you can boost traffic to your website.