Five Energy-Saving Upgrades That Pay For Themselves To Apply When Using An Electric Heating Element

Over the last two decades, energy efficiency and energy-saving have been making headlines. Much of this focus has been directed to ways to reduce the energy spent in various businesses. As a result, many business owners are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and reduce the overall energy bills. Unfortunately, some of the energy-saving upgrades methods that they use are expensive and do not payback throughout their lifetime or end up causing more harm than good. With proper considerations, it is possible to get the energy conservation methods that will reduce your energy footprint, primarily if you use electric heating elements, among other energy uses in your business. Below are some of these energy-saving upgrades that pay for themselves that a cartridge heater manufacturer will advise you to go for.

Seal Air Leaks

More often than not, air leaks in the business premises are assumed to be a minor issue that does not affect the house’s normal functions. However, these are the spaces where fresh and warm air escapes through. When the air escapes, your HVAC system has to use more energy to moderate the room temperature. Therefore, take time and seal the pesky air leaks in the house. Use caulk around the perimeter of the windows as this is a DIY job that you do not need to hire a specialist. Sealing air leaks will increase your energy savings by up to 20%, thus making more profit.

Switch To LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are not the best choice for most business people since they are more expensive than ordinary incandescent bulbs. However, trying to save money on the bulbs that you buy will lead you to spend more money on utility bills. Thus, it is wise to let go of the extra dollars and switch to the LED bulbs. These bulbs not only have a longer life-span as compared to incandescent bulbs but also help save energy. It is possible to reduce the overall heat used by the bulbs by almost half when using LED bulbs. Therefore, if making a higher profit is what you are aiming at, then do not hesitate to invest in these more expensive bulbs that will give you higher returns.

Upgrade Your Electric Heating Elements 

Your electric heating elements account for almost 15% of the overall energy used. Additionally, if there are any malfunctions with either of the items, they are likely to spend much more energy. For this reason, for you to save energy, you have to maintain the electric heating equipment and ensure that it consumes only the energy amount that it is supposed to. Though replacing the entire element will incur you a fortune, it saves you a few dollars that you spend on energy bills in the long run. Therefore, if your electric heating equipment has served you for a while, consider upgrading it and do justice to your energy bills. Additionally, if you realize that the element is not functioning as well as it used to, then get urgent repair or replacement for it since this is a sign that it could be using excess energy.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

More often than not, most of the technological investments today are meant to help save you money, and a programmable thermostat is of no exemption. Though there are many types of thermostats in the market today, each of them can help in energy-saving. That is because the programmable thermostat can help set specific temperatures to avoid the HVAC system in the business running all day long, even when unnecessary, thus spending much more energy. It is also possible to set specific temperatures for specific times. In this case, power will be used in the business only when it is necessary. This way, you will end up saving energy over time, thus making more profit.

Watch Out For Energy Scams

Since everybody is working towards reducing the energy bills that they have to pay, some malicious people may go too far with it. That means that it is people to end up in an energy scam where you spend so much more than what you deserve to pay. Therefore, when paying your energy bills, ensure that the rate you have is reasonable based on the business’s energy uses. Otherwise, if you realize that the price is unreasonably high, be on the lookout as this could be an energy scam.¬†

When making an upgrade, most business owners opt for updates that pay for themselves over time. Though this will not happen immediately, it is good to ensure that you use energy-saving tips that will pay for themselves over time. Use the tips and get to save the overall amount that you spend on energy.