Five common home security issues that homeowners often overlook

When it comes to home security, a homeowner should pay attention to a lot of things. Misfortunes can happen, but sometimes a lot depends on the homeowner and the house residents when something terrible happens. Contacting the best locksmith in Conshohocken is indeed essential, but there are a lot of things that you can do to keep your possessions secured. Here are five of the most common mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to home security. Read on.


Not changing the damaged locks

Why isn’t changing the damaged locks not necessary, while every other thing is? Your home is your solace, and it needs as much love and care as you provide for other things. Your home keeps you protected from bad weather; it lets you sleep peacefully, throw a party during the weekends, and more, so why not call a locksmith in Philadelphia when you see that the lock of your front door, back door, and every other door are getting damaged?

If you want your house to remain safe from burglars and uninvited guests, you must ensure that all the locks are working correctly. If not, call a locksmith and get it replaced or fixed.

Keeping precious goods at accessible locations

It is understood that you would like to live peacefully at your home without worrying about anything. But, keeping precious items in locations that are easily accessible by anyone is never a good idea. There can be tons of things which are important to you. You may have personal heirloom items, expensive tools lying outside on the porch, and more. If you don’t want these items to be easily picked by thieves, you need to bring them inside and store them in a safe area.


Hiding keys under the doormat

When a family member forgets to take the spare key with him or her, one common thing that people do is keep that extra pair of keys right under the doormat. This is done so that the person who has forgotten to take the keys finds it and gets inside the house easily. Now, if it is so easy for your family member to find the key, imagine how easy it will be for a criminal to get full access to your house? Leave this habit. Wait for the person to come back and then move out; else, ask him or her to meet you so that you can hand over the keys directly to the person.

Cheap window and door locks

Another common problem that most homeowners do. Locks are meant to protect the inhabitants and things that you have inside your house. They are not meant to be easily broken. You need to know the difference between a cheap quality lock and a good quality lock. You may save some money now by buying a cheap quality lock, but when the catastrophe hits, you will end up losing a lot of money. Don’t take any chance.

Forgetting to lock the garage door

Often homeowners forget to lock their garage door. Now, a garage is not just the shelter for your beloved car, but it is also the place to keep many other belongings. When a burglar enters a location, the first thing that looks for is whether the garage door is open or not. While reading this, if you remember that you haven’t locked the garage door, go and lock it right away.


These are the five common mistakes that most homeowners make. If you are doing this, please make sure not to repeat it. Use good quality locks and keep everyone protected.