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Five Common Drain Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Plumbing system repairs are the most common repairs done in every household. This is because plumbing systems are complex and involve a lot of water and other things, which makes them prone to wear and tear and other damage. 

Besides, things can be really challenging if you have a limited idea of drain cleaning. This blog tends to explore such challenges and learn more about how to avoid these mistakes in the following sections of the blog. 

Common Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Minor issues can be resolved easily, but if left unaddressed, it may result in bigger problems and create havoc in the house. Besides, nothing can be more frustrating than a blocked drain; it stinks, and you also have to face the risk of getting the spilled water out of your toilet and flooding your bathroom. In such cases, you must immediately call professionals from the blocked drain in Canberra

However, if you want to resolve these issues by yourself, you can go for it if you have the right tools and expertise. But you must avoid these common mistakes when it comes to unclogging drains: 

1. Chemical Meltdown: 

The first thing that comes to your mind when you have a blocked drain is to use some chemicals to clear it. Several chemicals in the market make promises but don’t live up to expectations and worsen the blockage. So imagine if the blockage is huge and solid, chemical meltdowns won’t work at all. Therefore, you can use a plunger to clear the blockage. 

2. Incorrect Plunging: 

Plunger is an effective plumbing tool that can easily resolve clogging and blockage in bathroom sinks and toilet drains. Different-sized plungers are also available on the market made for different kinds and sizes of drains. Most people use a sink plunger to unclog the blockage in the drains, only to have a failed outcome. Make sure to use the right plunger only meant for unclogging drains. 

3. Poking Into The Drain: 

If you have tried with chemicals and a plunger and the issue still hasn’t been resolved, you might get creative. Most people use a hanger and poke into the drain to dislodge the clogging; little do they know that it’s not a good idea as it might lead to address greater problems. In such cases, you should rather call for professionals from Oxy Plumbing

4. Garden Hosing: 

When a drain is blocked outside your home, you may try a garden hose to apply pressure and clear the clogging. But it requires a special type of hydro jetting specifically for dislodging clogs and blockages. A garden hose is not the right equipment for this task, and you may lose a lot of water. So avoid using a garden hose to resolve blocking issues. 

5. Wrong Use Of Drain Snake: 

A mechanical drain snake is an excellent way to unclog, but it may get abused sometimes. Don’t put too much pressure and force the snake around the corners of drain pipes that are difficult to navigate. Also, using a drain snake incorrectly and frequently may lead to pipe damage and expensive repairs. Therefore, you must always be careful using a drain snake to dislodge the blockages. 


Clogging and blockages are among the most frustrating plumbing problems, and it often leads to terrible outcomes. Minor issues like these can be solved easily with simple tools and equipment, but ensure you have the proper knowledge and expertise for this DIY task. For bigger problems, get in touch with professionals from blocked drain Canberra.