Five Best Hypoallergenic Wool Pillows You Need Right Now

They say a goodnight’s slumber comes to those who choose their pillows right. No denying, besides the mattress, a pillow is the second most significant tool for ultimate comfort for both adults and toddlers.

Especially, for all those prone to allergies or otherwise have chronic conditions, like asthma, etc. Experts suggest that wool pillows for toddlers are also a great choice since they help regulate body temperature and allow the little one’s skin to breathe.

Using the wrong pillow may keep you up at night owing to a whole lot of irritation and itching. In extreme cases, it can also intensify breathing issues, making it a nightmare!

That is exactly where a hypoallergenic wool pillow for toddlers and adults cuts corners.

Wool, the fabric itself, is inherently anti-allergic and repels dust mites, and keeps bacteria from growing. It’s also extremely easy to wash and dry across all seasons.

If you are someone who sleeps on their sides a lot, a hypoallergenic wool pillowcan buy you the best comfort, like nothing else.

More importantly, wool as a fabric, unlike cotton, doesn’t soak up moisture fully. Thus, unlike feathered pillows where you get up with a wet feeling from your body’s perspiration, hypoallergenic pillows will keep you dry and fresh till morning.

In this post, we take a look at the five best hypoallergenic wool pillows for toddlers and adults that one can buy right now.

1. Bio Sleep Concept Organic Wool Pillow

Do you suffer from insomnia? Do you often complain of neck stiffness or headaches in the morning? Well, the answer to your problems lies right here.

This hypoallergenicwool pillow is perhaps your best cue to upgrade your sleeping standards like never before. It has soft and resilient hypoallergenic wool that seeks to take away undue stress from the neck region and down to your back. As a result, you are promised the highest comfort level as you sleep without any stress or pain.

This organic wool pillow for toddlers and adults is also quite popular, for they are highly resistant to mildew and dust mites.

2. Devon Duvets Pillow

Crafted from the finest quality British wool, Devon Duvets Pillow is also free from bleach and other chemicals. It houses all-natural materials and also has a tucked-in zipping to help adjust the fluffiness of the wool. It also helps in washing as you can take out the wool and wash the pillowcase easily. Comes in a standard size and promises the best hygiene ever.

3. The Wool Room Deluxe Pillow

Accredited with Allergy UK seal of Approval, Deluxe Pillow from the house of Wool Room is a perfect choice for a hypoallergenic wool pillow for toddlers and others.

Infused with natural materials, it also houses a zip to facilitate more wool to be added for extra comfort and fluffiness.

The Wool Room is pretty serious about their Sleep Guarantee, and one is advised to visit their website to know more about the same and check out their insights on hypoallergenic wool.

4. The Alpaca Luxury Wool Pillow

Another offering from the house of Wool Room, this hypoallergenic wool pillowwitnesses the fine unison of Alpaca and British wool. A perfect pick for anyone who is extremely prone to allergies or is a restless sleeper at night or day.

The wool blending is one that also keeps away the perspiration at night so that you wake up in the morning all fresh and brimming with energy; something that down fillings or synthetic fibers can seldom claim to do.

5. LifeKind Light Wool Pillow

Are you looking for an organic hypoallergenic wool pillow for toddlers and yourself? Lifekind light wool pillow is the answer! It is filled with the goodness of shredded wool, imparting a spongy feeling.

Lifekind Light Wool pillow uses GOTS certified organic wool, pairing well with a cotton cover offering maximum room for your skin to breathe.

This particular hypoallergenic wool pillow is a perfect pick for anyone who likes to sleep on their stomach, as it delivers extended soft support than those traditional down-filled firm pillows.

Also, with organic wool inside, it is inherently resistant to odor and has antimicrobial properties to keep dust mites and bacteria at bay.

If you have been complaining of your pillow giving you a wet feeling, switching to the LifeKind Light pillow will give you a reason to smile, as it wicks away all moisture to keep your comfort levels high throughout the night.

Wrap up

There you go with the five best picks for wool pillows for toddlers and adults that you can invest in right now! Switching to a wool pillow invariably guarantees you the best sleep ever.

However, before you buy a wool pillow, you should check whether it ticks all the right boxes. Here are some pointers to help you:

  1. Authentic wool pillows should be naturally resistant to dust mites, making them non-vulnerable to infestations.
  1. It should have microbial traits to check fungal or bacteria growth, which in turn helps to keep up its shape for a long time.
  1. For anyone sensitive to dust and heat, a hypoallergenic wool pillowcan be the best option to sleep on. Coupled with its moisture-wicking capabilities, it should be able to keep you dry and comfortable at night. If it fails to do so, there’s a chance the wool is blended with something synthetic.

Now, that you know a comprehensive lot about wool pillows, you should be able to buy the best one for yourself!