Five aspects of your business you should look at outsourcing

Over the last decade or so, the popularity of outsourcing business services has grown exponentially and become an integral part of many companies’ day-to-day operations. By outsourcing, businesses can draw on the considerable talent that exists within the global freelance market while also slashing their overhead and removing the responsibility of employing staff full time.

The freelance market is currently burgeoning and, with improved technologies and connection speeds, it’s now possible for firms to hire staff from all four corners of the globe – very often at considerably cheaper rates than they might find locally on their doorstep.

Moreover, with the popularity of hiring freelancers growing by the day, more and more previously full-time hired professionals are ditching the idea of the standard career path and instead choosing to go it alone – all with the knock-on effect that it’s now possible to hire ad hoc workers in pretty much all business disciplines.

Business services you should already be outsourcing

If you study most companies, you’ll normally find there are core work departments that are integral to the firm’s operations – while others merely sit on the periphery. These ‘sometimes busy’ services are exactly the ones you should look at outsourcing to freelancers.

While all firms are different and the requirements of each can vary wildly, below are some of the more common facets of everyday business that are frequently outsourced.


While all companies these days need to be mindful of their advertising and marketing (and, to a degree, their PR), very few can justify employing full-time staff. Successful marketing requires skilled professionals – the kind of people that charge handsomely for their services. But, unless your firm has a large customer base, these talents will go largely unused (despite the fact the ongoing wage bill will remain high).

Rather than attempting to handle your marketing in-house, you should think about hiring the services of a professional firm, as and when you need them. Even the most concentrated marketing campaign typically runs in fits and starts and you’ll likely find there’s far more value in bringing in help on an ad hoc basis.

Day-to-day operational tasks

Ask any CEO or manager about the worst part of their job and the most common complaint you’ll hear is there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to complete the pressing tasks that need to be done. Unfortunately, it’s all-too-common for bosses to get distracted with menial, operational tasks rather than being able to concentrate on the jobs that make money.

If you find the hours in the day frequently inexplicably disappear, think about hiring in extra help or passing these draining roles to third parties. Consider outsourcing things like telephone answering services, general admin duties, and so on. You might even want to think about taking on a virtual assistant who can organize your day, field emails, arrange meetings and more.

Accounts and payroll

The accounting industry has undergone a transformation in recent years – largely caused by an increase of software driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, while software apps are undoubtedly great for logging day-to-day expenses or handling payroll duties, there will still come a time when you need to prepare your end-of-year accounts.

Rather than employing a full-time accountant in your firm that (in most cases) only gets busy for the final month of the accounting year, why not outsource this crucial role to a specialist firm? By combining a third-party accountant with AI-driven accounting software, you’ll drastically cut your overhead while also streamlining your accounts processes.

Photo/video content

No matter your size of company or operating budget, at some point you’re going to need professional photographs or video content to help promote your firm – say, on your website or in a company brochure or presentation.

While it can often be tempting to try and take on this work yourself, the adage ‘a picture tells a thousand words’, rings as true today as ever, and this sentiment can work both positively or negatively. Featuring unprofessional images or videos in your marketing material will only end up harming your firm. Instead, you should bring in professional help as and when you need it.

Graphic and web design

Similar to the point above about poor video or images, featuring shoddy graphics or publishing a substandard website could have a disastrous impact on your firm’s image. These jobs are best handled by professionals so you should set aside a portion of your marketing budget and get the job done right.