Don’t Go It Alone: Why Group Fitness Classes Aren’t As Scary As Some Think

Setting achievable fitness goals isn’t always easy. It takes hard work, patience, and determination to achieve them. Humans aren’t perfect so the trajectory to achieving these goals is never straight. Never fear, you don’t have to go it alone! We know it’s hard to keep yourself on track when you have a million other things to worry about. That’s why we love fitness group classes. While it may seem scary at first, the payoff is worth it. 

Exercising alone is a great form of meditation and exercise, however we want you to  join a fitness studio melbourne based or wherever you are, and see how it changes up your routine for the better. Here’s what you’re missing out on and just how group classes will benefit you:

Teamwork makes the dreamwork:  

We all know by now that teamwork really does make the dreamwork, and this statement stands in group workout classes. By joining a group of people to form a team and march towards a common goal, that goal is made much more achievable. Work with likeminded people who are after driven towards the same outcomes. Other people also came with a similar motive. You can work in partners or smaller groups and support each other through activities and exercises. Working with other people will also give you new perspectives, tips and tricks, and shared knowledge.


When you are working out with so many people. There is a sense of accountability and support. You motivate them through tougher patches and vice versa. Seeing someone else working hard and pushing the limits will inspire that fire in your belly when you really need it. Having people to spot you, help you and better your form also makes for a safer and more effective workout.


More than anything working out with others is fun! Having a group of people in one room all raising their heartbeats and releasing endorphins makes the atmosphere in a class palpable. Working out alone can be fun too but it is often a lot more contained and calm. Try a group class and you’ll be able to get active, usually to good music, and watch everyone around you having a ball too.

We know group classes can be daunting. Whether you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey or are a season pro when it comes to working out, fitness classes are great for any age, shape, size, or skill level. Overcoming your fears and trying something new is rewarding regardless of the fitness benefits. Perhaps this year you can change things up and join a fitness class. We know you won’t regret it!