Fitness expert Dan Martin Paul’s definition of fitness is not flaunting abs and chiselled physique. Here’s what he has to say!

Dan Martin Paul

The word ‘fitness’ has got only one connotation by many people – to be only physically fit. However, that is not true. Living in the time of a pandemic, we have realised that fitness is about being healthy across all levels – physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing. Nurturing this way of lifestyle, fitness expert Dan Martin Paul is promoting health and fitness among people of all age groups.

In a time where work from home has become a new normal, he has been following the trend of workout from home and is bringing a wave of change in everyone’s life. Dan Martin Paul hails from Drummondville, Quebec in Canada. He has been in the fitness and wellness industry for almost a decade. Starting as one skinny guy, Paul during the onset of his career desired to have an aesthetic and chiselled physique.

However, with time, the 27-year old realised the true meaning of staying fit and healthy. “A physique that is built in a short span might give you complications in the long run. It is always better to grow at a gradual pace. Slow progress is better than no progress”, he revealed. Since lockdown, Dan Martin Paul has been taking virtual training sessions.

Speaking about it, he said, “Nobody would have imagined that training sessions will also go digital. But the important aspect to understand amidst lockdown is to include activities like meditation and exercises in the daily routine. Along with it, eating the right kind of food is also very significant.” A motto that Dan has been following for years is #AlwaysReadyForIt. Be it any situation, the fitness expert suggests that one has to be prepared for any circumstances.

“If you see, the COVID-19 pandemic was an uncalled and unfortunate incident that shook everyone. And I believe that having a strong immune system with a healthy mindset is all you need to fight against this virus”, adds Dan. With a holistic approach, Dan Martin Paul is leading a lifestyle that has been the inspirational force for many young athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

In a spectacular career, Dan Martin Paul has attracted many brand collaborations and is sponsored by Mammoth Supplements, Popeye’s Supplements and XFITONWAY. Moreso, he also owns a fitness apparel brand named ‘DMP Fitness’ that sells outfits and other fitness accessories.

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