First Copy Watches: Myths Busted

You may be a fan of Rolex watches, but due to the enormous price, many are unable to buy their dream luxury watch. Rolex first copy watches are found in India at an affordable cost. But there are certain myths circulated in the market about first-copy watches, which degrade their fame.

The Clone World brings you all those Mythbusters to clear your doubt so that you can buy the first copy watch of your favorite luxury brand.

  1. First copy watches do not last you long

The first thought that might cross the mind of a customer is the longevity of the replica. It is pretty safe to say that first-copy watchmakers use quality materials to craft the replica, example for, the Rolex watches first copy. Again, if there is any service-related issue with the first copy watch, the user can repair it in a pocket-friendly manner. Whereas, repairing an original watch may take you a lot of money while doing it from an authorized place.

  1. First copy watches differ in weight from original ones

The good thing about first-copy watches is they are the exact duplicate of the original ones made by top luxury brands. They use almost the same mechanism inside, including the watch movement whose mechanical weight is maximum and most costly to build depending upon its quartz, mechanical or automatic. For example, the average weight of a Rolex watch is around 150 grams. Rolex first copy watches would also weigh about 140 to 150 grams; such is the attention to detail by watchmakers.

  1. Complexity is less in first copy watches

 An original chronograph watch is one of the most complex watch designs. Thinking that a first copy chronograph would be simple to understand is not valid. Since first copies are serious duplicates, it is normal for the chronographs to work within them. And, when the chronographs are working, a watch ought to be complex. Adjusting the day, date, and other information on the chronograph can be a challenging task.

  1. First copy watches are costly

Since it is pretty challenging to buy an original luxury watch due to its extravagant price, the first copies have been launched into the market. It falls in the affordable rate category for customers to enjoy the feel of an authentic luxury watch. Comparing an original Rolex watch with Rolex first copy watches, you will see the enormous difference in price and the affordability of the replica watches.

  1. Online first copies are fake

Since the craze about first-copy watches has gone off the roof, there is an enormous number of online websites that sell first-copy watches. It is better to analyze the authenticity of the watches sold online. It is not necessary that all of them would be fake and many sell genuine first-copy watches.

The Clone World is such a website that has gained the respect and assurance of the customers. They provide genuine first copy watches from Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, and many more affordable prices and superior quality.