Firestick Buffering And How To Deal With It

The Introduction

The Amazon Firestick, also known as the Fire Cube, is the most popular streaming device of recent times. A gadget that looks more like a USB and is a full-featured streaming player. So, that you can take any TV with an HDMI port, plug in a firestick, and turn it into a Smart TV.

For those who aren’t techno-savvy, it is easy to set-up and use. It is an android-based device that does not support Google Play Services. But, it gives you access to a world of movies, shows, music, and games. It is portable, and that means that you can take it anywhere, and you’ll have your favorite content available as soon as you plug it into a compatible TV.

However, you do tend to face a minor glitch with the Firestick – buffering. Read on to find out the reasons for buffering on the Firestick. 

What causes Buffering On Firestick?

There are many reasons why the Firestick may stop to buffer, leaving you hanging on tenterhooks in between a thrilling movie scene. Here are some of the common causes.

Slow Internet Connection

If you watch videos and movies on 1080p, then you need to have an internet connection that is at least 10 Mbps. On the other hand, you need 20 Mbps for 4k streaming. If you do have anything less than this, then you will experience buffering issues.

Hence, make sure that you go for a faster internet connection, especially if you do watch a lot of movies online and play games too. 

This is something you should be particular about when choosing an ISP provider.

ISP Throttling

It is a general practice amongst ISP service providers that if they notice too much streaming activity on a particular address, they tend to slow down the internet connection.

The easiest way to handle this problem is to get a VPN so that even the ISP provider cannot snoop around your internet activity.

Modem Far From Firestick

Never place your Wi-Fi modem too far away from the Firestick as this weakens the signal strength. The weaker the signal, the more buffering the Firestick is going to need.

Remedy this problem by placing the Wi-Fi modem closer so that the signal strength is undeterred.

Running Low On Storage

Low storage happens to be an integral problem with using Firestick. The Firestick has space of only 8G. And, most of that space is occupied by the OS.

By clearing up cache data, you can, to some extent, keep your storage space empty and prevent buffering.

Running Low On RAM

If too many unnecessary apps are running in the background, then you will experience buffering. In such a scenario, if you attempt to close each app manually, it can be both time-consuming and boring.

Just make use of the Background Apps And Process List – a free app available at Amazon that helps find and close unnecessary apps working in the background.

Now, we’ve provided you with the most common problems associated with buffering and the solutions to deal with them. We’re hoping you’ll finally have uninterrupted streaming time.

In Conclusion

We’re hoping that you find this article an interesting read. But, if you still find yourself looking for more instruction, use this article for more help.

And, also try and get a VPN service provider for your internet connection as that too helps solve many internet-related issues.

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