Fireball Approves Investigations Founder Closes Loopholes, Shuts Down Scammers

According to a recent press release from the company Fireball Approves Investigations, there is a new sheriff in town when it comes to sniffing out rental scams. Fireball Approves Investigations, founded by a grandmother that is a former insurance investigator, is making rental scammers pay the price for mistreating and misleading customers.


It all started when founder Tammy Sorrento wanted to have a nice vacation with her grandchildren in Florida. While she was looking at the listings online, she discovered that the person that was supposed to rent the property was a scam artist and that the listing was a fraud.


Known by her coworkers and family members as “Fireball”, Sorrento discovered a new purpose in life, and that was to put these scammers on notice that they are not going to get away with scamming people anymore. Fireball Approves Investigations ( was born, and sought to identify and report rental scams before anyone lost their hard-earned money or had their vacation with family members ruined.


The investigations company is now being used by people who are planning trips all around the nation. For a modest fee, the company will take the information about the rental and use their system to determine whether or not it is legitimate. They take great care to make contact with the person listing the rental to make sure that they are a real person, have control over the property, and are allowed to make the listing. Only after Fireball is satisfied will you get their rental verification saying that Fireball approves.


Moreover, the company also works to provide a wide array of services that service people from many industries. For example, if you were in charge of booking accommodations in a place that you can’t get to for your company, you’ll want to make sure that everything is up to par and a legitimate rental property.


Oftentimes, you can’t get that through a simple search or a maps listing. That’s where Fireball Approves Investigations comes through. They will put the company through their rigorous vetting process in order to ensure that the rental property is everything you desire.


The press release was very clear: it’s time for rental scams to end, and Fireball Approves Investigations is going to pursue the truth of the matter for any customer that comes their way. For more information or rental verification visit


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