Fire Pump Test Meters Market is likely to secure a CAGR of 6.7% through 2032 | FMI

The fire pump test meters market growth is likely to continue an upward trajectory, with global demand set to surpass US$ 192 Mn in 2019, up from nearly 183 Mn in 2018. These insights are as per the latest FMI research study that projects a promising outlook for fire pump test meters market 2019 and beyond.

According to the study, broader trends, such as growing emphasis on enhancing operational efficiency and mitigating downtime continue to fuel investment in fire pump test meters.

The FMI study finds that end-users continue to show a marked preference for mid-sized pipes, owing to wider applications across a range of applications. The study opines that ‘5.1 inches to 9 inches’ will remain the topselling variant in 2019, with the status-quo unlikely to change during the course of the forecast period.

Stringent regulations and growing demand for Factory Mutual (FM)-approved fire pump test meters

Various associations and regulatory bodies have defined a set of standards that are needed to provide an essential level of security for fire protection systems. These standards and regulations are playing an important role and are creating high demand for fire pump test meters. Moreover, with steady growth in infrastructure in various countries around the world, the usage of high-performance fire protection systems is not only critical, but also necessary.

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Various providers of fire pump test meters are focusing on providing FM-approved and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-traceable calibrations. These are the some of the key standards that are contributing to the growth of the global fire pump test meters market.

FMI Survey Finds End-Users Prefer Grooved Fire Pump Test Meters over Flanged Variants

The FMI survey finds that fire pump test meters with grooved body type remain highly-favored, with global sales likely to equal a market value of over US$ 95 Mn in 2019. The oil, gas, and chemicals industries continue to spearhead demand, with the market benefitting from the recovery in oil prices. According to the study, evolving regulations concerning safety at oil & gas plants are likely to hard press stakeholders to bolster their security apparatus.

Fire pump test meter sales in the oil & gas industry are likely to be complemented by growing applications in power generation sector. Testing equipment, including fire pump test meters, is emerging as a viable investment for reducing high insurance costs in the power generation sector; the FMI study remains bullish on adoption of fire testing equipment in power generation sector in the future.

North America, spearheaded by healthy sales in the US, retains its lucrativeness in the fire pump testing meters market. The lucrativeness of this region can be attributed to growing emphasis on process streamlining by diverse industry verticals.

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The manufacturing framework of fire pump testing meters remains highly influenced by codes and standards issued by prominent organizations, such as National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), vis-à-vis design of fire pumps and related components. Moreover, NFPA guidelines on inspection of fire pump test meters post initial installation and on annual basis thereafter remains a crucial aspect encouraging manufacturers to offer value-added services. With disruptive innovations gaining traction, manufacturers are vying to offer advanced products that simplify testing processes with a high level of reliability.

Addressing the challenges associated with accuracy in high precision for even low-end readings remains a key focus area for manufacturers. Sensing the shifts in end-user demand, manufacturers are incorporating advanced materials to withstand extremes of operational environment. Fire pump test meter manufacturers are also offering extended warranties to boost consumer confidence and repeat sales.

Key Segment On the basis of pipe size

  • 1-5 inches
  • 5.1-9 inches
  • 9.1-12 inches

On the basis of body type

  • grooved
  • flanged
  • others

On the basis of end use

  • oil
  • gas & chemicals
  • power generation
  • manufacturing
  • fire protection
  • pulp & paper
  • other industries

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