Fire or flood damage restoration: is doing it yourself an option?

Some people are simply reluctant to see strangers come to live in their homes temporarily or are very protective of their property. Unfortunately, those who attempt to tackle this type of problem tend to underestimate the extent of the damage and often find out too late how difficult it is to manage such a task. In addition, those who are victims of a fire or flood often do not have the technical skills and equipment required to complete a restoration project, which can be detrimental to the process itself.

Equipment :

As mentioned above, fire or water restoration requires state-of-the-art equipment and specialized machinery that only remediation specialists have. The right option to choose in this situation is to hire professional fire damage restoration services. If you decide to do the restoration yourself, you will have to rent or buy the necessary equipment and pay from your own pocket.


The costs associated with the hours of work that you will have to miss may be higher than what it will cost you to hire a restaurant professional. Any restoration project requires a significant amount of man hours. Consider that if you take time off work to do your catering work, chances are you will have to cash in on your vacation days or not get paid for the hours you spend away from the office. You will also notice that no matter how many hours you put into your restoration project, it will take a tremendous amount of time before you start to see results, which could greatly affect your health and the well-being of your family. .

Bad surprises:

When it comes to restoring a home after a fire, damage that is not visible to the naked eye, such as smoke damage, is the biggest problem homeowners face. When a fire breaks out, parts of the house that at first glance seem intact, may have been badly affected by the smoke. There are four different types of smoke: wet smoke, dry smoke, organic smoke, and fuel oil soot. Most homeowners are unaware that each type of smoke requires a specific cleaning process in order to eliminate odors. When such a process is not followed, eventually the smell of smoke returns and another restoration operation becomes necessary.

When it comes to flood restoration, it is also important to know that the most significant damage is often invisible. Once the water has been removed, it becomes very difficult to see the damage. Microbes and fungi, including toxic molds, are carried in by water and can grow inside damp surfaces. These contaminants can cause illness, especially in confined spaces where there is very little air circulation. A water damage Las Vegas restoration company has the tools to detect humidity levels in every area of ​​your home and remove potentially damaging moisture.


As well as being a wise move, hiring a catering company is a huge plus during the insurance company claims process. A fire damage contractor can assign an insurance specialist to your file. This specialist will work with your insurance provider to ensure a quick claims process. In addition, he can make sure that the insurance company covers all your catering costs. Most homeowners who do their own restoration project get bogged down for lack of time in a maze of tasks and are often denied any form of compensation from their insurance company. Some will be lucky enough to receive a compensation check in an amount that will not be sufficient to cover all the expenses related to the restoration. However, a contractor will know how to avoid such a situation since insurance companies always accept quotes provided by licensed catering companies. In addition, most restoration contractors have already worked with the majority of insurance companies on other claims, which also helps to facilitate the claims process.

Physical and emotional stress:

Natural disasters wreak destruction wherever they occur and cause great physical and emotional damage to those affected. In addition to having to restore their homes and replace their physical assets, some loss victims need to devote time to restore their emotional balance. This especially applies to children who do not have the tools to deal with the trauma of a disaster. Focusing on the present can help people get through all kinds of hardships, no matter how small. Wasting time asking questions like “If only …” or “If I had …” only adds to the stress since the situation is in the past and therefore out of control.

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In conclusion, no matter your level of DIY or renovation skill, you should always contact a restoration specialist after a fire or flood, especially if your insurance company covers such services. Most disaster recovery companies guarantee that their estimates will be accepted by the insurance company, which means you have next to nothing to lose by hiring professionals. Even if you have to pay out of pocket, hiring a specialist can cost you less than doing the job yourself, as explained above. The sooner you contact a specialist, the less likely your losses will be.