Finer Balances for the virtual internship

In a face-to-face interview, it is common for candidates to arrive in advance to allow time to get around possible contingencies. Videoconferencing should be no different. In some cases, you may need to wait for the recruiter to invite you to join the call. So, be prepared, in front of the computer and ready for dynamics about 10 to 15 minutes before. In this post, we will highlight the skills needed to be an accountant, the functioning of undergraduate courses in the area and the importance of virtual internship to enter the job market with the right foot.

If possible, it is worth entering the virtual room in which the interview will take place about 10 minutes before. This way, you demonstrate punctuality and can now check if all the resources are working and configure what is necessary. Assess if the camera is working, if the microphone and audio are good and if your connection is stable.

Watch your clothes

It is not because you are in a video and in your home that any type of clothing is valid. Dress appropriately, according to the vacancy, as if it were a face-to-face interview. And, yes, from head to toe: although it only appears from the waist up during the conversation, you never know if you will need to get up to catch something.

Pay attention to your gestures and facial expressions

Non-verbal communication is also important in video interviews. Remember that everything you transmit through your body language is also being evaluated. So, pay attention to your posture, gesture without exaggeration during speech and avoid being too still staring at the screen. Training all of this in a mirror is a great alternative.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the job market. In addition to rising unemployment, most professions are reinventing themselves to find ways to survive a new reality. And it is no different with the stages. In the movement, the participating companies are committed to keeping their employees for another two months during the crisis to reduce the economic and social collapse.

In an increasingly fierce market, it is crucial to take advantage of opportunities to grow in your career and gain recognition. In the case of a university student, the accounting internship is a golden chance to gain experience in the corporate world.

Gather Knowledge

The first step in being a successful intern is to obtain as much knowledge as possible during graduation. That way, you will have more peace of mind and confidence to assimilate the duties in an organization, in addition to proving that you can contribute to the improvement of results.