Fine Legal Jobs As Per Your Requirement

Would you like to be a litigation or advisory lawyer or practice both? Some of you may have a strong preference for one or the other. If you are not, it is in your best interest to have experience in both areas. Indeed, a lawyer who will have experience in litigation will draft and negotiate a contract by integrating the consequences of any litigation. It’s a plus. For the legal jobs in Thailand the following information are important.

International experience

Often students want to benefit from professional experience abroad. Is it in your interest to operate abroad for a few years? The answer is not straightforward and depends on your choice of career. If the activity you are going to exercise abroad is a specialty not linked to a national law (e.g.: international arbitration, capital market, specialized financing), the experience you will acquire (preferably in an English-speaking country) will be directly useful to your career in Thailand. In addition, a perfect command of the English language will be rewarding.

On the other hand, if the activity carried out abroad relates to a discipline specific to each country (tax or real estate law, for example), the experience you will have acquired abroad will not be directly usable in Thailand. While fluency in the English language will be a plus, your experience abroad must then be short (1 or 2 years at most) so as not to fall too far behind your colleagues who have acquired experience.

Your training

During your first years of activity, a determining aspect is the quality of your legal training. It is the expertise acquired during these first years that will contribute the most to your success. When you are able to choose between several firms, choose the one that will offer you the best training. Be rigorous in monitoring legal news. A lawyer should always be fully informed of changes affecting his discipline.


Of course the remuneration is important but do not choose a firm according to this criterion but according to its reputation and the training it offers you. It is fundamental.

Team work

With the exception of small firms where the young lawyer works for the most part alone, teamwork will constitute the basic organization of a firm. The young lawyer must fit into the team or teams in which he works and be accepted by the group. Each team operates according to rules that should be understood and respected: hierarchy, distribution of tasks, and support for others, discretion, availability, loyalty towards other members of the team. It is up to you to adapt, not the other way around.