Finding The Right Glasses For Your Face Shape For A Natural Balance To Your Appearance

The key to finding the right frame for your face is that opposites attract. Selecting eyewear that is in contrast to your facial contours brings symmetry and balance to your prominent features.

Make your style

Making your style can be an expressive way to flaunt your personality and spirit. Just find the frame that suits your face shape and brings a natural balance to your face.

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Frames for different face shapes

The shape of your face will help you to determine which frame would enhance your look.

1)Round face:

  • Square or rectangular eyeglass frames enhance a round face by making it look longer and slimmer, adding balance to the round features.
  • Round, small and rimless frames do not look good on round faces as they make the face look rounder and plumper.

2)Square face:

  • Oval or round eyeglasses balance and add a thinner look to square face angles as they soften the angularity and sit high on the nose
  • Angular and boxy eyewear won’t go for square faces as they will sharpen and makes the face looks bulky.

3)Oval face:

  • Geometric-shaped eyewear suits best for oval faces as they have a strong and wider bridge.
  • Large framed eyewear is to be avoided as they cover half the face throwing off the natural balance and symmetry of oval faces.

4)Diamond-shaped face:

  • Go for cat-eye and oval frames as they will enhance your cheekbones and delicate facial features.
  • Try to avoid narrow or boxy frames that will accentuate the width of your face highlighting the narrow features of your face rather than enhancing them.

5) Heart-shaped face:

  • Round or square eyeglasses with curved edges are best for heart-shaped faces as they hide the broad, high forehead.
  • Steer clear of any colored or styled frames or frames with decorative and embellished tops as they make your forehead look broader.

The frame you choose speaks a lot about your personality too. You may go for a pair of glasses that emphasizes your business tone during the week or showcase your fun-loving side on weekends. Choose either one style of frame or have a small collection of frames to alter your appearance easily according to your mood. They can be colored frames too if you wish for one as long as it goes well with your skin tone.

You need no fashion expert for choosing the right frame that would look great on you. There is no rule book for a perfect frame. If you like the look of a frame on yourself, just own it!