Finding The Right Fit: How To Rock A Hat

There is no doubt about the fact that a good hat can take any outfit to the next level. In the past hats were considered a necessity. You were not completely dressed without the right hat atop your head. Although, these days hats are seen as more of an optional add on that can be fun or purely functional. Many younger generations are turning their heads towards hats again to try something new and make a style statement. With the old school origins of hat wearing it’s no surprise that Vintage hats are making a huge comeback too. When it comes to hats, there is a huge variety of styles and shapes to choose from. 

Often you will find a number of people complaining that they simply don’t look good in hats. This is probable because they simply picked the wrong one! When picking a hat you have to consider your facial structure and shape to find one that will fit and flatter you perfectly. 

The right hat should always add to an outfit and compliment its wearer. Here are our top tips to ensure you pick the perfect hat for you:

  • The main thing to consider when choosing a hat for yourself is your head. A hat should sit perfectly and fit your head comfortably so that the sweatband inside the hat is snug but not too tight or too loose. 
  • A properly fitting hat will look perfect on you as it will allow the hat to sit perfectly in it’s intended shape and style. It also means it will keep your head in proportion. 
  • When a hat is too loose or too tight it will feel as uncomfortable as it looks. 
  • The selection of a hat also depends on the fabric used to manufacture it. Different fabrics will sit, feel, and look different. 
  • The fabric used in the manufacturing of a hat is also responsible for shrink or stretch over time. Therefore, it is necessary that you consider the material you pick and whether it is durable or prone to stretching out changing the fit of your hat.
  • Another thing to consider when picking your hat is your facial structure. The structure of your facial features will play a big part in the way a hat looks on your head. 
  • For instance, people with a rounder face, fuller cheeks, a wider forehead, and rounded chin should try a hat with a boxy crown and wide brim. 
  • In addition to considering facial structure, it is also important that you assess your body proportions as well. The right hat will compliment your natural features.
  • If you are a person with broad shoulders then you should go with a wider-brim hat in order to create a balanced appearance. A hat with a small brim may make your shoulders appear bigger than they are.