Finding the Best 4runner Accessories for Your Pride & Joy

Whether you own a 3rd, 4th or 5th generation Toyota 4Runner, you’ve got a really nice automobile in your possession – of that there is little doubt. That said, did you know about the best 4Runner accessories that are on the market right now? Invest a little in adding accessories to your pride and joy and can significantly add to its function and style.

Interested in seeing some of those amazing accessories? Then read on!

Awesome Storage!

The first option we look at are Modular Storage Panels that help you to store away all kinds of things that would otherwise be rolling around inside the back of your truck. Able to have a variety of sizes and types of pouches attached to them, they represent the best 4Runner accessories for tradespeople in particular, as it gives them a place to keep everything, even down to small items like screwdrivers and wrenches.

Off-road Winch Mounts!

If you’re someone who really likes to put their 4Runner through its paces by going out on the trail, then these fantastic hidden winch mounts allow you to get out of pretty much any kind of tricky situation. The only downside is that you’ll likely spend half your time helping out other drivers!

Fuel Tank Skid Plates!

Another great addition to the 4Runner for drivers who like to go off-roading are fuel tank skid plates. “What are skid plates?!” we hear you cry! Well, they’re basically a toughened metal panel that fits over your fuel tank under your car and protects it from the rough terrain you’re driving over.

The thing about driving off-road is that AAA recovery services don’t tend to be able to follow down the beaten track, so if you were to break down there, you can find yourself in a bit of a pickle! Skid plates are certainly the best 4Runner accessories for this kind of driver.

Super-Bright LED Ditch Lights!

Driving over tricky terrain is hard enough in good light, but when daylight starts to fail, you are really risking having an accident. There’s a solution to this particular problem and they are ditch lights. Aptly named, they are able to bathe the whole road and the ditches at the side in super-bright light.

This extra visibility can be a real godsend in poor light, as it can give you that split second more reaction when those pesky deers run out in front of you at the last minute.

Quick Fist Clamps!

When used in conjunction with the modular storage panels mentioned earlier, the best 4Runner accessories for smaller items that you need quick access to are quick fist clamps. Whether talking about a small wood hatchet, a fire extinguisher or whatever it is you use regularly, this innovative product literally grips things like your hands would!

A Wealth of Customization Possibilities for 4Runner Owners

We’ve looked at just 5 of the 4Runner accessories that are available and you can already see the extra function and protection that they provide.

If you’re a 3rd generation 4Runner owner and you’re thinking of moving to a newer model, you might not have to go to all that expense to feel like you’ve got that ‘new car’ feeling. You could just add some well-chosen accessories and you’ll add all kinds of extra function and aesthetics – and all for a fraction of the cost!

Adding accessories to your car can also represent an enjoyable hobby, however, be careful that you don’t go overboard, as there are a lot of ways you enhance your 4Runner and a lot of accessories to choose from. That said, whichever of those available that you deem to the best 4Runner accessories for your needs, we hope you enjoy them!