Finding Landlords that Provide Second Chance Rentals

While many people still buy homes, renting is becoming a popular way for people to live. In fact, over 35% of Americans currently rent, which is over 100 million people. However, if you are struggling with bad credit or a shaky financial past, you might have encountered some difficulties when it comes to renting an apartment or home. Many landlords want someone who is reliable and less-risky.

This can be stressful, but thankfully, there is a solution. In most areas of the country, there are landlords or rental companies that offer second chance rentals. These are landlords who make their rentals available to those who have a rough history of renting.

It could mean that you have bad credit, or that you have broken a lease or missed other payments in the past. But how do you find these landlords that are comfortable providing second chance rentals? Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some helpful ways to find landlords that will provide second chance rentals.

Start the Search Online


Like any normal search for an apartment or other rental, it makes a lot of sense to start your search online. There are dozens of different resources and sites to help you find an apartment. Not only that, they will include photos, a description and include other information about the unit.

Many of these sites will have a ton of rentals, and within them, you should find plenty that would be willing to work with those who have bad credit or a dicey rental history. For example, there are thousands of different rentals available via UMoveFree, many of which can be rented by all different types of people. With so much stock on these sites, the variety makes it easy to find something that works for your situation.

Ask Around

While there is a lot of value in shopping online for rentals in your area, be sure to ask around as well. Talk to family and friends about their suggestions and if they know any rental companies or landlords who are more willing to work with anyone. There is a good chance you will get some assistance. If not, consider even going to social media, as all you need is one person to know the answer to potentially change your life.

Not all second chance rental providers will advertise themselves as such. As a result, having some inside information from friends, family or even past renters can be a good idea. Also, if there are some local rental companies or landlords that you know, you could even ask them directly if they are open to those with a questionable rental history. While they might say no, it is worth asking.

Be Ready and Willing to Accept Strict Requirements


If you are able to secure a second chance rental, it is a good idea to be ready to accept some pretty stringent requirements. They might want written proof that you are righting wrongs and resolving the negative issues of your past. Also, these lenders might also ask you to put down a larger deposit, pay multiple months upfront or even pay more rent. Of course, know the difference between fair requirements and a landlord trying to take advantage of you.

If you can’t show that you have changed your ways or are ready to go above and beyond to show you are a solid renter, many second chance rentals simply won’t consider you. So if finding a second chance rental is important to you, be willing to make some sacrifice and deal with strict restrictions.

In conclusion, it is definitely possible to find a landlord that will be able to provide second chance rentals.