Where To Find Large Cardboard Boxes For Free

There are several places you can find large cardboard boxes for free. They are always available at nearby places. You just need a more observing eye. To make things more easy, we bring you some of the places where you can find all types of boxes from display packaging to the large ones, these places are:

Local Retail Stores

Variable sized items and accessories are set for display in different kinds of display packaging at the retail store. These items do no reach the stores in the kind of packaging they are displayed in. Instead, they arrive in relatively large-sized wholesale cardboard boxes that contain several small-sized retail products.

After the products are set for display, these larger boxes are usually disposed of in the trash or sent to a recycling plant. They are a waste for the retail store but not for you; you can collect these cardboard boxes for free from them on a daily basis.

Liquor Stores

The kind and quantity of wholesale cardboard boxes they have are unimaginable. Liquor is consumed in very large quantities, and therefore, you can imagine the packaging waste at the liquor store storage. The best thing about the wasted boxes from liquor stores is that they are very tough. They are quite rigid and are very suitable for any desired intent.

They possess boxes of different sizes ranging from bottle display packaging to the large ones. All you got to do is timely approach them asking when their next shipment of bottles is due and request them to set some cardboard boxes aside for you. But make sure you reach them out in the afternoon before they get all busy with the night rush. They can surely get you some cardboard boxes for free.

Pet Stores

The pets may not come in wholesale cardboard boxes, but their essentials do. All of their food, bottles, and toys, etc. come in boxes of various sizes. You can approach these stores to ask if they can spare you some cardboard boxes for free that might suit your needs.

They are expected to have boxes of different sizes at their disposal since the pet feed would come in larger boxes while their toys would come in tiny ones. They might not have huge quantities, but you can consider them a source. They are very likely to be happy to help. It would not bother them to hand over their wasted boxes to you instead of dumping them.

Corporate Offices

Large offices have regular shipments coming in for various inventory items ranging from stationery to furniture and other office essentials. They are a holy grail of wholesale cardboard boxes; they can be expected to have boxes of several shapes and sizes. Their sizes would range from small stationery sized display packaging boxes to the very large ones for the furniture and similar-sized items. They are also the kind of entities that would normally dispose them off in the dumpster. You can request them to let yourself have a few of them.

They would normally give it to you unless there is some company policy about not giving out cardboard boxes for free, but that is least likely to happen. So be confident and let your intentions known to them. You can always decide a collection time with them so that they can be acquired in a manageable way without having to disturb the routine of both of you.

Recycling Plants

Where else can be more cardboard available than the paper recycling plant? They got tons of all kinds of paper available for reprocessing with no exceptions of wholesale cardboard boxes. There might be a possibility that they can offer you some of the free cardboard boxes. For instance, when you don’t need them in very large quantities, you can request a few from them.


They can have a large variety of display packaging boxes from all kinds of products in the market. Since whatever packaging or paper we see out there in the world ultimately finds its place in the recycling plant. But their problem is that those boxes are the raw material for their product i.e., paper. So they might be a little concerned about handing them over for free. But even if they are not free, they can be purchased from them at very low or negligible rates.


There are several options to get them from nearby outlets and places that we see every single day but have not realized their potential to provide boxes for us. They are more available than we think.