Finantiko Review – What Should you Know about this Broker?

With increasing economic difficulties, it is not surprising to know that thousands of people all over the globe are struggling to make ends meet. Maintaining even a reasonable lifestyle has become more difficult than ever because of the rising inflation and expenses and no such increase in the income. This can lead to a horde of financial difficulties that people want to avoid, and so, they are looking for alternative ways to earn money. Even if you take on another job, it is a given that you would end up getting exhausted at one point. But, what if you cannot manage?

Does this mean you have to survive on limited income and not supplement it in any way? We are living in a digital age these days and things have changed significantly from what they were, even a decade ago. There are hundreds of online opportunities that can be explored for earning money, even if you are already working somewhere else. One such option that you can check out is trading. This has become quite popular because joining the trading world doesn’t require traders to have any prior qualification, degree or experience for that matter. Even if you are a complete novice, you can begin without anyone stepping you.

In addition, in contrast with the old days, you don’t need millions to step into the financial markets anymore. Since trading has gone online, the prerequisites have been simplified a great deal. First of all, people can start trading without stepping out of their homes at all and secondly, they can get started even with a couple of hundred dollars. You can get access to the financial markets with the help of an online broker. Yes, you do need an online broker to start trading and it is not possible to do anything without their services.

This is due to the fact that the broker not only provides you with a trading platform, but also acts as a bridge to the financial markets and gives you access to advance and useful trading tools that can improve your chances of success. The number of online brokers has risen exponentially in the last couple of years to accommodate the growing number of traders in the markets. Hence, if you are looking for a broker, you will not find it difficult to find one. But, finding a broker is not what is important.

Yes, you do need their services, but this doesn’t mean that any broker will do. You will need a dependable and safe broker that gives you access to everything you require and creates the right environment for you to trade in. Not every online broker can get this done because not all have this capability. Also, some brokers have been designed to serve only a limited number or a specific category of traders, so they may not be able to fulfill these requirements for you. Consequently, you need to be thorough when looking at a broker in order to determine if they can work out for you.

Finantiko is one of the online brokers that you will find in the market. You need to look into them carefully in order to understand if their services are in accordance with your needs.

An Introduction to Finantiko




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Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Diamond

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Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies

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Economic Calendar, Pip Calculator, Live Market Hours, Margin Calculator, Fibonacci Sequence and Risk Management Tools

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24/7 via Web Contact Form and Email

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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies

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Polish: Finantiko Review – Gdybyś zarejestrował się u tego brokera?

Specializing as a Contract for Difference (CFDs) provider, Finantiko is providing its services to global traders due to which its website is available in English and in Polish. The broker provides a huge number of CFDs for its clients to trade in and has added various tools and services to provide a comprehensive solution. It has a few years of experience under its belt and enables traders to trade financial instruments without having to own them physically, as is the rule of CFD Trading.

One important thing that people should know about Finantiko is that the broker follows the rules and guidelines set forth by the MIFID II (The Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments). This means that the broker follows standards and regulations that are imposed worldwide and is a properly registered and licensed authority. It adds a layer of security to the broker’s services and can be quite reassuring for traders who have their doubts. But, what else should you know about this broker before signing up with them? Outlined below are some of the important questions to ask:

What assets will you be able to trade?

The first and the most important question to ask about any brokerage nowadays is about the assets they are offering to their clients. Not every broker will be the same in this regard. There are brokers out there that decide to specialize in just one market, such as the forex market. They will only offer their clients foreign currency pairs to trade and nothing else. But, there are also brokers that offer traders with hundreds of instruments to choose from, allowing their clients to diversify their portfolio, thereby helping in minimizing risks.

If you are planning to trade just one instrument, you can choose a broker that specializes in it, or you can use a broker that gives you the option of diversifying later on. As mentioned earlier, Finantiko is a CFD broker and this enables them to offer their clientele with a wide range of financial instruments. They provide you with the option of trading in different markets without any hassle, which means you can diversify as much as you like. Some of the markets that you can trade in with Finantiko are:

Cryptocurrencies: One of the most well-known trading instruments these days is cryptocurrency. As a matter of fact, they are drawing a lot of attention from all over the world and many people have entered the trading markets for cryptocurrencies. Understanding this fact, Finantiko has added some of the best crypto to their asset index. You can trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple through this broker.

Forex: One of the biggest markets in the world in terms of liquidity, the forex market comprises of thousands of currency pairs that can be traded and these are put into different categories. These include major currency pairs, minor currency pairs and exotic currency pairs. Each of them have their own potential and allow you to make profits. Finantiko has added a range of pairs from every category to their offerings. Some of these include EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, GBP/CAD, AUD/CHF and USD/ZAR.

Stocks: One of the world’s oldest markets in the world is the stock market where people can trade stocks of different companies from all over the world. These can also be quite profitable and so, Finantiko has ensured that its traders can get access to some of the best stocks in the world. They have added valuable stocks like Netflix, Amazon, VISA, Apple, PayPal, Microsoft and Facebook.

Indices: Just like stocks deal with individual companies, indices deal with markets on a whole. These are somewhat volatile, which increases the risks, but can also offer higher profits. Finantiko provides their clients the opportunity to trade some of the world’s leading indices like Dow Jones, FTSE 100, Nikkei, S&P 500, NASDAQ and DAX30.

Commodities: There are also stable financial instruments that can be traded, which may not offer massive returns, but are consistent to stay the least. Commodities can also be divided into two categories i.e. soft and hard commodities and Finantiko has added both kinds of commodities to their offerings. You can trade soft commodities that comprise of agricultural items like corn, coffee, wheat, cocoa and rice. Hard commodities like precious metals including gold, silver and platinum or even energies like crude oil can be traded.

With Finantiko, you have the option of cross-trading different markets and this can help you in optimizing your trading strategy in order to maximize your returns.

Which trading platform can you use?

Perhaps, the most significant feature of any broker that you use is their trading platform. It is the software that is primarily used for opening and closing trades, making all your transactions, connecting to the markets and for monitoring your activity. If the trading platform doesn’t do a good job, you will not be able to keep up with the market and this can have a big impact on the outcome. Likewise, you don’t want the platform to lack in tools because it affects your performance and neither should you have security loopholes because that only puts your information at risk.

Apart from that, trading platforms should also not be too complicated or else traders will find it difficult to trade. Knowing all the complaints that traders have had about trading platforms over the years, Finantiko has ensured that its clients have the opportunity to choose from different options and can find a solid solution that fulfills their trading needs in the best possible way. They have chosen the SIRIX trading platform for their clients, which is one of the most effective and sophisticated trading platforms in the market.

The good thing about Finantiko is that they have added the complete suite of SIRIX trading platform, which means different versions are available. Let’s take a look at them:

SIRIX Station: The first option that you have at Finantiko is the SIRIX station, which is a desktop-based platform that needs to be downloaded on your device to be used. Regardless of which device you download it on, the platform will give you access to all features. It is powered by state-of-the-art technology, but is extremely user-friendly, so you will not have any problems in navigating the platform. It offers one-click trading, allowing you to execute your trades quickly and effectively, and also gives traders a chance to customize the platform according to their needs. You can add or remove the tools you wish to use, such as Economic Calendar.

SIRIX Web: There are traders out there who don’t want to use a desktop-based platform because it can be restrictive and ties them to a single device. If you want a more flexible option and one that doesn’t require you to go through the hassle of downloading and installation, Finantiko has added the SIRIX web option as well. This particular trading platform is accessible via the broker’s website and this takes you only a couple of minutes for you to log in and start using. As far as features are concerned, it is also designed to be user-friendly and can give access to all the same features as the desktop platform. You can still trade in a single click and enjoy the same trading tools and execution speed.

SIRIX Mobile: The trading world has also evolved with technological progress and modern traders are now given the option of having an even more flexible trading option in the form of SIRIX mobile. Finantiko provides their clients with access to SIRIX mobile trading apps for Android and iOS devices that can be easily downloaded and are great for trading on the move. They have a simple yet highly intuitive trading interface that has been optimized for on-the-go trading. It uses cutting-edge technology and allows for instant trade actions.

What are the registration requirements?

Every broker is different, as mentioned before, and this means that they will have a different set of rules and requirements for their traders. This is also applicable to the process of registration. Some brokers ask their clients to provide extensive details when signing up and may even ask for some paperwork and documentation. There are brokers who also have an approval process; applications are reviewed first and then approved or rejected. With Finantiko, you don’t have to worry about these things because this broker has simplified the overall registration process for facilitating its traders.

If you want to register with this broker, they ask you to complete a short form that you will come across on their website. The form will also you to share your first and last name, your email address and password, along with phone number and country. Finantiko also has some Terms & Conditions that are discussed in detail on their website. Every client has to agree with these before being able to open an account. As long as you are in agreement, you will be registered with the broker right away.

How many accounts are offered and what are their features?

Just like two brokers cannot be the same, traders are also different and their requirements, needs and priorities will vary. To accommodate all kinds of traders, brokers develop various account types and each account comes with different features meant for the numerous trading styles. Finantiko has also come up with four account options because they want to invite global traders from every background to their platform. While these accounts do differ in terms of features, the biggest difference that you will find is in the form of the spreads that are applicable.

Finantiko has offered different spreads for every account, with the highest spreads for beginners and the lowest for the experts. This can also be a factor in your choice of account type. You can check out the different spreads charged on their website. The four options that you will find with this broker are:

Bronze: Finantiko’s first account option for its traders is called the Bronze account and it is the most basic account available. It has been developed for fresh traders with absolutely zero experience in the market; you will find 24/7 live support, one-on-one training with experts, access to assets like forex currency pairs, energies, metals and world indices. The trading size for this account is 0.01. You can also enroll in an online financial course in this account.

Gold: The account option that Finantiko has introduced for its beginner traders who do have some experience is called Gold and this one offers some additional features to people. They can now get access to e-books provided by the broker for guidance purposes and they are offering a trading size of 0.1. It is also possible for them to trade agricultures in this account, along with the rest of the instruments.

Platinum: To cater to intermediate traders, Finantiko has come up with the Platinum account option and this one provides traders with even more features of the broker. They can speak to an analyst manager to make smarter trades and their trading size is now 0.2, which gives them more range. Moreover, they can also attend webinars by experts, which can be immensely helpful during the trading process.

Diamond: In order to accommodate professional and expert traders, Finantiko has developed the Diamond account option and this allows them to enjoy a trading size of 0.5. It also provides traders with a free VPS service for their ease and has the lowest possible spreads.

Traders can choose from any of these options when they wish to open an account with Finantiko. It should also be noted that the broker offers demo accounts for facilitating its clients, so they can get in some practice before jumping into the markets and also get acquainted with the trading platform they will use. In addition, Finantiko has also developed Islamic accounts for its clients because it wants to allow Muslim traders to use their services as well.

What kind of security will you find?

It is never recommended to choose a broker without taking a look at their security measures. As the internet has become widespread, it has attracted cybercriminals who are looking to take advantage of people in whatever way possible. Signing up with a broker means you have to trust them with your personal information and your money. If they are lax in security in any regard, you can end up suffering a lot and this is what you want to avoid. Finantiko is familiar with the importance of security and they have implemented measures for protecting funds as well as information to give peace of mind to their clients.

For safety of funds, Finantiko has opted to follow the international regulations of account segregation. This implies that accounts of all clients are kept separate and segregated from the brokerage’s own. It ensures that the funds deposited with them are only used for the traders’ trading activity and not for paying off any of the company’s obligations. Moreover, it prevents mix ups and misappropriations, along with unauthorized access to the funds.

To keep information under wraps, the measures of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption come in handy. All information shared with the broker is encrypted straight away to ensure no outsiders are able to make use of the information for any nefarious purpose. Two-factor authentication for protecting traders’ accounts is also used. Most importantly, Finantiko has also implemented the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies. These security policies are also in accordance with international standards.

KYC and AML are designed to create a safe trading environment by keeping out shady individuals or those with negative intentions. They require every trader to submit documents for their verification, so they can be traced in case of any problem. Proof of identity, address and payment has to be given to Finantiko for complying with these policies. This can be done by providing a proper government-authorized ID like passport, ID card or driver’s license, utility bill or bank statement and a picture of your credit or debit card that you plan to use for making payments and withdrawals on the broker’s platform.

Final Verdict

Asking these questions is important because the answers show you that Finantiko can provide you with the features and services needed for an optimal trading environment.