Financial Predictions and Protections for 2020


With the turning of the decade, countless individuals evaluate professional goals for the upcoming year, focusing on ways to add varying financial assets, avoid the risks and pitfalls of financial management, and remain abreast of changing global market conditions. Touted as America’s Gold Authority®, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors of U.S. government-issued gold, silver, and platinum products. The company, which provides historically stable alternative forms of financial assets in the form of precious metals, provides the general public with valuable insight regarding global market changes that could potentially impact their financial status. Through U.S. Money Reserve’s publication of the e-book “The Big Easing,” the company shares predictions for the global market economy in 2020, with reflections on the previous years and insights into empowering individuals to remain financially stable during changing conditions.


To generate an understanding of the possible implications of the global financial market throughout 2020, U.S. Money Reserve looked to insight from leading global financial experts. According to reports from the International Monetary Fund, although the previous few years saw global growth, that carefree economic climate came to a steep stall in the most recent year, with global concerns – like rising tariffs, political tensions, and trade insecurity – as potential factors for this general slowing of the global economy. With a low growth rate of 2.9 percent projected for 2019 by the The Organization for Economic Growth and Cooperation, the previous year accounted for the lowest global growth rate since the economic crisis of 2008.


With such potential uncertainty ahead, U.S. Money Reserve’s publication of “The Big Easing” acts as a tool for savvy savers to champion their financial future throughout the upcoming year. With conflicting resolutions being proposed by various parties on behalf of governments and international banks, U.S. Money Reserve champions the individual saver to remain educated, empowered, and in control of their own financial health.


As one of the three leading global economic concerns, U.S. Money Reserve names lower interest rates as a potential cause for instability and negative effects for savers. With central banks in the United States, China, Russia, and other nations lowering interest rates and other central banks in Japan, Denmark, and other countries declaring negative interest rates, the potential impact of these changes falls on savers. With limited bank income, inflation occurs, which ultimately impacts individuals who utilize these central bank services.


In addition to the falling interest rates, U.S. Money Reserve also credits growing trade wars as a cause for potential concern in the upcoming year. With increasing tariffs placed on goods exchanged on both sides between the United States and China, this trade war impacts consumer goods being purchased across the globe, as well as the financial impact for other countries involved in trade, transport, and business. Finally, weakening consumer spending can be seen as a potential sign of imminent global financial distress, with spending numbers similar to those immediately prior to the global market crash of 2008.


While these trends have already negatively impacted various industries across the globe and weakened traditional financial assets, U.S. Money Reserve points out the continued strength of the market value of precious metals in times of turmoil. During the previous global recession, general prices of gold continued to rise, while silver and platinum steadily held their market value. Thus, as an alternative financial asset, these products continue to stand against changing global market conditions and could be a viable key to maintaining financial health during the changing global climate of 2020.