Figuring Out A Genuine Nanostick Vape |  Buying Guide Explained

Vaping industry is developing at great pace adding more users everyday. Products are becoming more user-oriented offering them great comfort and simple functioning. However, this has also lead to rise of counterfeit products. The names of big brands, the packing of products and the offered strains are imitated and sent to market for sale. These do not have any clearance from the government and may contain substances hazardous for health.Unlike reputed manufacturers like Nanostick, they hold no accountability for any mishappening and care very little for the consumer. Therefore, it is extremely important to carefully chose the vaping products you use. If you have no idea how to identify the authentic products in the crowd of market, here are a few things you should consider while buying them

Ways to check originality of the vaping products 

Serial numbers

Serial numbers are the best possible way to check if the product is authentic. Every product is given a unique manufacturing number that contains details understood by the company’s server only. It can also act as a reference to mail Nanostick and confirm if the product is originally made by the same company as stated. It is also important to check the manufacturer’s details as it could be printed wrong. You can easily tally it by searching online. 

Scratch check

One of the most innovative way to confirm the original manufacturer of the product, companies have begun to hide a bar code behind a thin layer of metal. All you need to do is stretch it and scan the code. It will linked with the company’s server and would immediately inform you that the product is original. While most companies have completely covered bar codes, some may make the half code visible to grab user’s attention and remind him to check the authenticity of the device. 

Purchase from reputed shops

You must ensure to buy from reputable companies that adhere to industry standards such as Nanostick.Though there are very little genuine company’s stores, ecommerce platforms are among the leading distributors of vaporisers. They have real products and even offer warranty as per the company norms.  

Unreal price

To lure the users into buying the fake products, its manufacturers offer it at a much low rate than others. Although product costs do vary from company to company, a sudden dip of price must be questioned. Moreover, free offers are also preying on consumers who are ready to buy believing it to be a great bargain. You can also be deceived into buying the fake products under the event of sales where prices of everything are discounted by a significant amount. 

Packaging and labelling

Vaping products follow strict guidelines for packing. It becomes easy to spot the odd one out if you look carefully on the packaging of Nanostix. Important information such as best before date, nicotine consumption warning and manufacturer’s information are clearly stated in the original products. There have been many cases where such vital information is either absent or completely wrongfrom which buyers should be very careful of. 

List of ingredients

If you have been using vape devices for a long time, you might be able to detect increased quantity of some unwanted substances in the ingredient lists. Diluents such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, MCT oil etc. are cheap in quality and their quantity are often increased to earn more profit. They may also cause you health issues when smoked in a higher quantity from the duplicate products. 


Vaping industry is extending its reach by developing more new devices. Among this, many are searching to earn huge profit by manufacturing counterfeit of the original products with high sales such as Nanostick. Therefore, you must be careful and inquire deeply before buying a vaping product.


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