What are the reasons and phases to hire a ghostwriter?

All those professional writers who are hired by an author or a company to write content on any subject and structure it without receiving any credit or public recognition are known as Ghostwriters. As a rule, they remain in absolute anonymity. At most, they can appear as a collaborator. They just receive money for writing such content for their client.

Therefore, in the eyes of this parties they will be totally invisible, while you will enjoy the recognition and economic benefit that your work can bring to you. Such mischievous is always interesting, right? Jokes apart, once you decide to contact a ghost writer, you should not worry about more aspects than the strictly professional. Everyone has a reason to hire such service. Some people have not enough time to write their story and some do not have enough writing skills to bring professionalism. It is now so common for communication agencies to pay outsiders for writing article and biographies.

Phases to hire a ghostwriter

If you are too busy and if you are not very sure with your project or you are short of ideas, going to a ghostwriter is one of the paths you can take. They can write you anything from professional fiction ghostwriting to doctoral thesis. Next, I’ll explain the steps you should follow.

Freelance, autonomous or private entity?

The first thing you should do is go to Google and point those phantoms that capture your attention. Look at how they are positioned, in the rates and in the level of professionalism that they transmit to you. Freelancers or freelance ghost writers are cheaper, but they have a higher degree of risk associated with them in terms of reliability and quality. If your pocket prevails and you are afraid of making a mistake, as usual, you have an alternative – announce that you need the service of a professional. Just as if it was a job offer in which you are the company. Thus, the selection process will be more comfortable and simple.

Another option to save costs would be to go to writers of foreign companies, but you should meditate and inform yourself well before taking the step.

On the other hand, the groups or entities provide more security. They are like small agencies with fixed rates that work in an organized way and with professional results. That is, they will not only write you the project, but they will also edit it.

Talking about the cost so that you can get an idea, writing in the shadow a novel of 200 pages would cost between $2,000 and $5,000. It depends on whether you have to do the whole book, just a part, a style correction, etc.

Ask for a sample of the work and keep in touch

There is no better way to prove the professionalism of a writer than to see his work firsthand. Do not be ashamed or afraid of being offended. You are just making sure that your name is not going to get dirty and that your money is not going to be wasted.

The one you hire should give you security and confidence. If any kind of problem arises later, who will be responsible? The name that appears is yours and you will have to show your face. It is not a children’s game where you can load the error to another. He will have part of the blame, but the final responsible is you.

In addition, it is important that you specify a deadline, a maximum period of delivery of the work. More or less, following the example of the 200-page novel, it would be taking between 3 to 6 months.

Legal agreement.

You are hiring a person, making his talent yours, investing money, exposing your prestige, all this in a hidden way with no more guarantees in your professionalism. The time has come to formalize the agreement through a contract, don’t you think? Check the conditions well and do not sign anything that arouses you restlessness. Make sure the clauses are clear and there are no loose threads. Some of the indispensable requirements are:

  • Confidentiality clause.
  • Writer’s commitment to write the book following the client’s instructions.
  • Guarantee that the content is original creation.

Do not make a one-time payment.

When you hire a service, either a stranger or someone you trust, do not pay the entire amount at once and, much less, at the beginning. It is even illogical to pay for work that has not yet been done, don’t you think? The most advisable thing is to make a first payment as a guarantee for the ghost writer to begin his work. The amount of the remaining fees can be paid in installments or in the end, to a finished project, as agreed.

Nancy Yates

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