Ficihp Touch Keyboard – An alternative to the soft keyboard

If you search the internet for “Ficihp Touch Keyboard” you will find many people complaining. Many people find the Ficihp Touch keyboard and the iPod Touch’s touch screen keyboard difficult to use and would be something more sensitive and suitable for larger thumbs.

Although I can appreciate the inconvenience of some people, I don’t really fall into this thought camp. Partly because I’m not the fastest typewriter in the world, but because I have no problem using the touch keyboard. Sometimes I hit the wrong key but it is not a big problem for me that I want to leave the benefits of touch keyboard for a physical.

Instead of focusing on the apparent flaws of a feature like the Touch Keyboard, I prefer to see the FisheHop Touch Keyboard and Touch in a more holistic way. Software keyboards, like multi-touch technology, offer versatility.

 It is there immediately when it is needed and disappears when it is not, giving you a full display. It adapts to the context in which it is being used, for example giving you the key when needed and a selection of options when holding down a key. You have the option to flip your device over to access a larger, more empty keyboard.

That said, I really still haven’t felt comfortable writing long articles or blog posts on the Ficihp Touch keyboard. I can see that an alternative keyboard may be useful in some situations but they are very few and far between.


Later this year, Ion Audio will release the type; An almost full-size QWERTY keyboard that encloses your Ficihp Touch keyboard at the top of the keyboard looks a lot like my ZX81. The iType has its own battery so it won’t drain your device and there are rumors that it may even be able to charge it.

 I can imagine that if you want to Type lot on your Ficihp Touch keyboard it can be great but I can’t help thinking that if you are going to carry this keyboard around then you can carry a laptop along and get it done With. Having said that, I can imagine myself and using a laptop, of course, costs a lot more than the expected price of $ 100 for the iType.


Probably size doesn’t matter. In either case, iTwinge may be the keyboard option for you. iTwinge is a sleeve that plugs into your device and covers the bottom half of your screen with a touchscreen keyboard to make your Ficihp keyboard look like a BlackBerry. This can be a good solution if you really need a sensitive keyboard when writing a lot of text.

I struggle to see this as a good replacement for the standard keyboard in the general collection. This will present obvious problems as it permanently covers the lower half of the screen. You also lose the ability to press a key for additional options and of course, it won’t work when the Ficihp Touch keyboard is next to it.


The lowest-priced item is 4iThumbs. It is a simple clean plastic overlay/screen protector that provides tactile isolation to touch keys with raised pips that can be passed through. It seems very easy to apply and adds very little to your device. Unlike iTunes, it does not obscure the screen and is available in landscape and portrait versions.

When you are not using it slips from its retaining flaps and attaches to the opposite side of your device. I like the simplicity of this approach and I like iTwinge, but I still think my device is a good product without it. Maybe if my touch is really the problem with the keyboard, I might feel differently.