Fibroblast Plasma & Botox | Knowing Their Significance as Fillers

Which is the weirdest thing you have applied on your face to hide aging signs and thin lips? If dermal problems like wrinkles, fine lines and thin lips are reducing your charm, it is advisable to go with a long-lasting solution. When we talk about reliable solutions, fibroblast plasma and BOTOX fillers are two considerable treatments. Do you need detailed information about these treatments? If yes, let’s figure out which one suits best to your need. 

Fibroblast Plasma 

As we grow old, the dermis and epidermis layers of our skin get thinner, our bodies produce less collagen protein, and our skin loses flexibility. This is a natural ageing process that results in wrinkles and skin drooping. The fibroblast plasma therapy is used by certified plasma pen experts to reduce indications of age by tightening and raising drooping skin.

How does it work?

A wand is used to apply microcharges of plasma energy to the skin in a non-contact manner. This causes tissue sublimation at the most superficial levels, removing excess tissue and reducing or, in some cases, eliminating wrinkles and saggy tissue.

Sublimation is the process by which a solid transforms into a gas without first becoming a liquid. A tiny beam of plasma energy is directed onto the skin by the plasma pen gadget. This results in skin retraction and tightness solely in that location. The sublimation of the skin cell promotes rapid tightness, and the body’s natural healing process creates more collagen to plump, tighten, and firm the treated region as the tiny wound heals. 

BOTOX Filler

BOTOX is an entirely different approach to give your skin a flattering appearance. Instead of using any plasma technique, a special fluid is directly injected into the dermis layer of the skin. BOTOX aka Botulinum toxin is a filler agent that blocks nerves signals to muscles. Consequently, muscles don’t contract and you will get a fresh youthful appearance. Let me explain its working in detail. A lot of certified companies have started BOTOX courses in London for the enhancement of your skills. 

How does it work?

This is one of the fastest filler techniques for long-lasting results. The whole procedure hardly takes a few minutes to complete. There will be no need for anaesthetic. Botox is injected into targeted muscles with a tiny needle, causing only little discomfort.

It usually takes 7 to 14 days for the effects to fully manifest. It’s advised to abstain from alcohol for at least a week prior to the surgery. To avoid bruising, you should cease taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs two weeks before treatment. In order to avoid spreading the Botox to unwanted skin areas, don’t rub the injection site for 24 hours. Your doctor may also advise you to stay upright for 4 hours after the doses and avoid exercising for a day.

Choosing a Feasible Option

If you are looking for a long-lasting and sophisticated option, we recommend fibroblast plasma treatment. Along with providing adequate contour to your skin, this treatment also stimulates the production of collagen. The average longevity treatment of fibroblast plasma is about 3 years. BOTOX lip filler courses on the other hand last for up to 6-8 months only. Both treatments come with some side effects. Also, the use of BOTOX and fibroblast plasma are restricted in special medical conditions such as:- 

  • Pregnant & breastfeeding women
  • Already suffering from a skin infection
  • Taking other skin treatments parallelly

Request a consultation session with the certified skin treatment expert before making your final decision. There must be a transparent policy for claims of something that went wrong.