Few things to consider before choosing a printer

Indeed most files are used on soft copies but the printer is still a crucial device. You can use the printer for printing images, high-quality printouts, documents, etc. Various printer brands and models are available for the users. For finding the best printer for your job, you should check various things. 

Should purchase or lease

When you want a printer for your home then purchasing is a better choice. You can get an inkjet printer for taking printouts of bright photos, colorful images, documents, etc. But if you need a big printing machine then you can consider getting the printer on lease. Large printers are very costly and can cost thousands of dollars.

If you need a printer for like months or 2-3 years then you should go for a lease. Look around for the company which can provide the primer on lease. But if you need a printer for daily use like for libraries, or companies then you should purchase it.

Printer Connection

New printer device provides multi-connection features. Users can connect the printer to various devices. If you want to use the printer on a single device then you can go for a wired printer. These printers are a bit cheaper than wireless printers. But the user needs a printer that can get connected to a phone or various other devices then choose a wireless printer.

Users can connect the printer to all Wi-Fi devices easily. You can ask for Canon mg3600 how to connect to wifi and then connect the printer to your device. New printer models also provide network printing options. Once the user connects the printer on the network then he can take the printouts from various devices. With wireless printers, you can give a print command from every corner of the house. 

Printer Speed 

Depending on the company requirements, check whether you need a good speed printer or not. For home users, the printer is not an issue. People usually need a few printouts. Inkjet is a good choice for home as it has better print quality. You can easily take high-quality printouts.

But for big companies, printing industries, or libraries; speed matters a lot. When you have to take lots of printouts then you must consider the speed factors. Laser printers are a better option when you need a good speed. You can easily take thousands of printouts per day. 


Data breaching rates are increasing. When you connect a printer to the network; it is using a shared medium. To prevent a data breach, new printers have security features. Users can set the password on their printer and then only reliable people can access it. If you need a printer for a company or other crucial job then go for a printer which provides a good security feature.

Ink factor

Ink or cartridge costs a lot. When you are finding a printer; check its ink cost. Always go for a printer that has cheaper ink even if you may need to spend some money on the printer. Your printer is a one-time purchase but you have to purchase the ink regularly. Also, check the printer with low ink use. For cost-cutting, people often use clone cartridges.

Many printer models can’t recognize the clone cartridge. Instead of spending more money on ink and cartridges; get a robust printer with low ink usage.

Printer Service

Like other hardware devices, your printer also requires regular service. No matter which brand you purchase, no hardware is perfect. When you can get any error on the printer, you have to visit the service center. Users must check the printer service in their city.

You should always visit the service center instead of the local repair shop. Check which printer brand has better service near your place so you can get the printer fixed in less time.


New printers are multifunction where you can use the printer for scanning and faxing. When you need all devices then instead of purchasing all machines separately; get a multifunctional printer. It costs more than other printer devices but is much cheaper than the sum of buying all devices. Set your budget; consider all these factors and get the best printer for your job.