Common Issues In Kitchen Appliances 2020 – The Complete Guide

The kitchen is the most frequented place of our home and it is essential to keep it clean and maintained. While experts like plumbers can fix the most critical problems with Kitchen appliances and utilities in general, it is important to know the DIY tips and tricks for fixing the most common kitchen problems all by yourself.

Let us check a few common issues in kitchen appliances and see how you can fix them.

1.  Smelly and Blocked Sink Drainage

One of the most common issues is the sink drainage not working properly or it has a bad smell. It can be easily fixed using baking soda and lemon juice by mixing them together and pouring them over the drain. After 15 minutes, you can clean it with boiling water. This should take care of the drainage and the bad smell too. For blocked drainage, you can use a small pump or plunger, if the problem persists, you might need to bring in a plumber to get this fixed.

2. Dripping Sink or Faucet

This is also one common issue in the kitchen. If a faucet spurts or sprays water you can clean the faucet screen. If there is water or mold under the sink you can check for leaks near the drain line and pea-trap. You also need to check the garbage disposal and water lines leading to other appliances.

3. Cabinet Doors Not Closing

Kitchen cabinet doors over time can become loose and may not close properly. This quickly becomes a menace as kitchen accessories won’t stay inside the cabinet due to the open doors. You can fix this by lubricating the white kitchen cabinet or other cabinet typed door hinges or adding wood filler on the screw holes.

4. Greasy Surface

Sometimes the kitchen sink or the bench tops or kitchen floor might become greasy. You can use a microfiber towel and white vinegar to fix this and polish the surfaces using olive oil every 6-12 months for a lasting effect.

5. Kitchen Items Getting Misplaced

Many times if things are not well-organized in the kitchen, it becomes a bit difficult to locate things. The best way to find things without any hassle is to have a designated place for all the items and keep them back at the same place. Labeling is an innovative way of keeping track of items in your kitchen.

6. Kitchen Drawers not Opening Properly

Sometimes the kitchen counters can get sticky and may require a lot of effort to open them. You can remove them completely and wash the runners using dish soap. Adding a few drops of household lubricants on the runners makes them almost like new again.

7. Inadequate Light in Kitchen

There might be light and suffocation issues if the kitchen windows are not big enough for proper ventilation, or if your kitchen is located in a place where there is not enough light during the day. Replacing the Low-quality bulbs with bright bulbs would help the light issue. Installing an exhaust fan or a chimney can help with suffocation issues.

8. Broken Water Pipes

Broken pipes can lead to water leakage in every corner of the kitchen, starting under the sink. You can call a plumber to fix this issue.

9. Range Hood not Clearing Smoke

This problem could be caused by motor problems, grease-clogged ductwork, or an air filter that needs to be replaced or cleaned. Air filters are a simple fix. Check for motor replacement parts and instructions based on your model. Ductwork inspection and cleaning might require professional assistance like apex hood cleaning, inc to clean out the vent & exhaust hood.

10. Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes

Among kitchen appliances, the dishwasher is the heavily used one. There might be several reasons for a failed dishwasher. If there are pieces of food on the dishes at the end of the cycle, start by cleaning the spray arm, filter, and float. If you find watermarks on your dishes, it could be due to the soapy residue. We can change our detergent to get this fixed.

11. Fridge Issues

Keeping every food item in transparent jars and containers can quickly fix the overcrowded issues in the fridge. You wash the bins and shelves with dish soap, let the unit air out, and clean the evaporator to fix the bad smell issue. Most importantly, you need to adjust the interior temperatures to the optimum settings of 0 and 40 degrees F to prevent frost build-up, mould growth, or bad smells. For fridge cooling issues, you can check if the doors are closing completely and that the seal is tightly fitted. Be alert for any warning lights, unusual heat, drips, or noises. An operating refrigerator condenser generates heat, but it should not be excessive.

12. Not Enough Counter Space

Less countertop space is a common Kitchen design problem. While designing the kitchen, ensure we plan for enough countertop space for more than one person to operate. You can also ensure you do not keep too many things on the counter space and use window sills to store canisters and other items. Keep all the kitchen appliances in the cabinets when they are not in use.

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A Safe Kitchen is a Beautiful Kitchen

The kitchen holds an important place in your home and it needs to be maintained well and kept in excellent condition. By using the right cleaning products to clean it, you can maintain it for long. Whenever things break, they should be promptly fixed to reduce the chance of more severe issues later on. If the problem is too difficult to handle, you can always hire a kitchen expert to solve it immediately. 

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