Few Best Bedroom Painting Ideas For Your Teenager Boys and Girls

The ideas about a teenage boy, like most things related to teenagers, are difficult to get right. Now they are at such an age when they are likely to want creative freedom, which will be great if it would mean they prefer something simple and chic, but also not so great if it means they prefer to turn their bedroom like a half-pipe.

So far as a teenage girl is concerned, she may no longer require the sweet fairy pictures on her walls or the little bunny theme adorning her childish room. Now she may ask for your assistance in changing her room to what she desired.

She may prefer a more sophisticated look to one that is too girly or too minimal. These fantastic changes are completely understandable. Now your sweet little darling has turned into a young adult, and while it may break your heart a little, but you are eager to assist her.

Let us share in this post a few painting ideas for both your teenage boys and girls. What does it cost to have a holiday home painted that in the Danish language they say hvad koster det at få malet et sommerhus? Contact Vibes Painting Company to find it out.


1.   Incorporate street style

You may paint it as a brick wall to add a little industrial vibe. You can also find wallpapers that offer realistic brick print to create a similar effect.

2.   Embrace a theme

Just talk to your teenage son about his hobbies and try to use that as your basis for creating their bedroom painting and design.

3.   Go graphic

The graphic lines with a funky mix of basic colours in the bedroom, with plenty of storage for keeping the clutter away and offering a sleek workspace to do homework.

4.   Build a space for knick-knacks

Create a certain scheme with any sport-inspired art to display any medals, trophies, or collected paraphernalia e.g. as sports items.

5.   Display their passions for adding their personality

Mount their passion or hobby on the walls to personalise their space and ensure that it truly reflects their personality.


1.   Lavender and grey

It will offer a soothing and also inviting atmosphere while at the same time keeping its feminine flair.

2.   Soft raspberries

The combination of the colours like warm browns and also with soft raspberries will make this room a little more tranquil and feminine for your teenaged daughter’s bedroom.

3.   Pinkish white

If your adolescent girl is easily overwhelmed by bright colours, you might like to consider a wall colour that will mix with white. Any bright colour combined with white creates a soft and soothing effect, e.g. the pinkish-white walls in her bedroom design.

4.   Powder blue

Any powder blue walls can be even more beautiful along with the purple, pops of green, and pink from any bedroom accessories.

5.   White

This room has a modern feel thanks to the crisp, white walls. The use of bold colours like orange and blue, as well as geometric patterns, against a white background adds interest and cohesion to this bedroom design.