Festive Decor Ideas for your Bedroom This Christmas

The festive season is here, and it’s time to get into the festive spirit. While most of us focus on dressing up our living rooms for Christmas, the bedroom is often overlooked. But there’s still time for you to transform your bedroom before Christmas. After all, the festive season is about catching up with friends and family but also about relaxing and enjoying some down time. And what room offers more comfort than your own bedroom?

Here are some tips to help make your bedroom Christmas-ready:

● Add Christmas colours to the bedroom
Get a beautiful bed throw to add some festive zing to the room and build upon the theme. In fact, you are more likely to find amazing deals during this season (Boxing Day anyone?). Whether it’s exclusive holiday deals on furnishings, beds for sale in Melbourne or bedside tables on offer, seek and you shall find it. Some iconic colours for Christmas are forest greens, ruby reds, and whites. So go and paint the town red (or green or white).

● Choosing the right bedding prints
The Christmas bedroom needs some festive bedding as well. So, either go for the conventional funky Christmas prints like Santa, Christmas trees and reindeers or there are a lot of modern, subtle designs available on the market too.

Go for some cute sets, duvet, and other bedding products in adorable Christmas designs for your queen bedroom furniture. Even snowflake, flannel, and tartan prints are great options for adding a festive touch to your bedroom. In fact, with these prints, you can use these beddings all year round. Essentially, you are getting prints that are inspired by Christmas but can serve you all year round.

● Accessorise with fairy lights
Bright and beautiful fairy lights are a must-have for Christmas. It adds a spark to your existing festive decor. There is a wide array of fairy lights available in different shapes and sizes for Christmas. It goes without saying that the star or snowflake-shaped lights look the best for Christmas. Place them on the windows, shelves or hang them on the walls for a gorgeous look. Again, if you are looking for something that you can have round the year, you can go for standard fairy lights.

● Rugs and cushions
Cushions are one of the best accessories for the living room, but also for your bedroom. Usually, four to six cushions are ideal, depending on the size of the bed. Bring your cushions into the limelight, line them in front of your pillows and showcase your Christmas spirit this season. As mentioned earlier, pick a mix of staple Christmas colours (red, green, and white) and some modern contemporary colours such as grey, black and gold to have a striking contrast. Keep in mind the colours should also be compatible with other elements in the room (think rugs, bedsheets, wall paint etc.). You can also try some jewel tones in velvet for cushions, like peacock or burnt orange, if you are feeling a little adventurous. Velvet feels festive and adds a classy look to the room.
Rugs are equally important for your Christmas Bedroom decor. Opt for a contrasting rug based on other elements in your room. If you have opted for a red and green Christmas theme for bedding, duvet, and cushions, go for a beige rug. If other elements of the room are lighter in colour, opt for a darker rug.

● Vibrant colour theme
If you wish to ditch the conventional Christmas colour theme, go with vibrant colours such as rust orange or ginger brown. The bedroom furniture as well as bedding and cushions are easily available in these colours across most stores.

● Christmas tree
Who says a Christmas tree is only for the living room? You can also place a small tree in the bedroom to add a bit of Christmas to your sleeping space. Either place it in a corner or choose a smaller tree for the tabletop. And just like your major Christmas tree, decorate this one beautifully to give the room that holiday cheer.

● Candles
Christmas almost feels incomplete without scented candles. It is the perfect time for lighting candles with warm, wintery fragrances like cinnamon, vanilla and gingerbread.

These are some simple and amazing ways of decorating your bedroom for Christmas this season on a shoestring budget. If you are planning to go big, you can always check out beds for sale in Melbourne and queen beds online and grab your hands on the best deals in the city.

Until next time, wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!